Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bedroom of Your Design; Easy Tips

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday life bedroom seems to be the small heaven where we are ourselves and where we do many things like relaxing, watching TV, reading, and many more. An HDTV Design Star winner Emily Henderson was hosted by “Secrets from Stylist,” where she shared her designer secrets to on how to create our own heaven at home.

The choice of the color of the room is quite important. Henderson  gives preference to bold variations blues, grays and creams. Your choice of the color of the room will determine the atmosphere in it; if you want to feel relaxed and calm you only choose lighter colorings of blue/gray. Your are hot blooded? Active? Then take neutral ivory like to feel warmer inside. To make the color of the room complete, you may put the final touch with a stronger color accent.
There is a set percentage according to which you should give coloring to your room; the dominant color of the room should be 60, secondary color 30 percent and an accent color should be 10 percent. To help you in the choice of perfect color palette for your room, you will need to select an item that you like and take out your favorite colors out of it as the base of your bedroom color palette.
Another pattern to take care of in the room is your bed and bedding. In case it’s the high time to change your mattress to have a better sleep, then take time to upgrade your whole bedding.
Enjoy the guide below and make your room harmonious like a pro:

•        First of all, you should take care that you have chosen proper sheets that will feel good against your skin. Decorative patterns would add a charm to your sheet, and it would not be only comfort to sleep in it, but pleasure, as well. Try to match it with your bedspread.
•        The choice of the blanket depends on the climate conditions you live in whether it should be lighter cotton or fleece blanket, as well as a heavier wool one.
•        The top layer of your bedding – the bedspread needs to complement the colors of your room. Moreover, if you have got the habit of spending time on your bed not open for sleeping, it’s preferable to have the bedspread soft and pleasant for your skin.
•        The final touch to finish your bedding is to add pillows and accessories. Put large pillows for backdrop and in front use your sleeping pillows. To accomplish it with an artistic hand, you only add a textured throw or silk quilt folded at the end of the bed.

After all, Henderson  suggests using mirrors as part of the decoration, which expand space and make the room lighter. This is a well-known trick by Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish Catalan architect, who gave preference to using mirrors to expand spaces in rooms.

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