Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Magic of Natural Products; Simplicity of Men's Lifestyle

Laura Naughton, a designer and the owner of LKN studio, considers that men are quite simple. She describes throughout the article the simplicity of the men’s lifestyle and brings her husband’s example. She is almost sure that men are pretty uncomplicated and look for simple things that can be easily found everywhere. 

Laura remembers how some five years ago her husband’s homeopathic therapist prescribed him natural medicine for his repeating sickness and confesses that the drugs helped him so that he started using only natural things. She informs that her husband is quite young, pretty handsome, and people around him usually ask what college he was attending. And when they find out he is 35, they are curious enough to know what his secret of being that handsome is. His answer usually is the use of organic and natural food only, however, he also stresses exercising and balanced natural diet. He nicely calls all of that “handsomeness remedies”.
Laura does not encourage people run to the drugstores for the medicine with true natural and organic ingredients.  She clearly explains that if the medicine includes at least one natural ingredient then there are no unnatural or strange ingredients that can bring severe health problems. She further brings the examples of synthetic chemicals that are used in products that can be harmful according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). She further notices that these kinds of products are mostly personal care products.
 Among carcinogenic ingredients that can cause reproductive and developmental toxicity and cardiovascular disease, Laura emphasizes Retinyl Palmitate. It is being used mostly in sunscreen, moisturizer and anti-aging products. Another one found again in moisturizers, body wash, and anti-aging products is Bronopol. This one is known as the cause of toxicity of liver, immune and gastrointestinal systems, as well as can irritate the lungs and skin.  

Laura further opens her husband’s secret of looking pretty young, handsome and fresh. She encourages not to waste the time on trying to understand the names and the side-effects of all those strange ingredients, but to follow the examples of some natural home medicine that her husband is using. Thus, her husband advises to get Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), Organic Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil, Organic Raw Unrefined Sugar and Organic Bear.
Laura further explains what should be done with all the above mentioned.

For hair and scalp her husband would advise to take the ACV and mix 1 part of it with 1 part H2O. Then after shampooing the mixture should be applied on the scalp with massaging and be left for 5-10 minutes after which be rinsed with water without any conditioner. The mixture should be used for 2-3 times weekly in order the hair become soft and have a shiny look.
Hair will look smooth, soft and shiny if Coconut Oil is used 2-3 times weekly. Little amount of the oil should be applied on the scalp and through hair and be massaged. It should be washed with a natural shampoo within 30 minutes.
Organic Beer can be used for 2 times weekly in the shower after shampooing hair. Once the beer is poured on the scalp, it needs to be massaged and left for 5 minutes and rinsed with water.  
For the skin to get relieved  it is advised to use ACV again, as mixed with H2O. If your skin is irritated because the ACV use, add more water to it.Quarter-sized amount of mixture should be applied on the face and neck by massaging and left for 2 minutes. Afterwards, it should be rinsed with water. For the effect, it should be repeated for 2-3 times weekly. It can be used for the whole body before or after washing, too. After washing, to condition the skin, Coconut Oil should be rubbed on face and neck. It can be massaged on the clean body as well in the mornings and at evenings.  

Another interesting mixture to serve as a scrub is 1 cup of raw sugar and ½ cup of coconut oil placed in a glass jar with lid. It should be massaged on face, hands and feet and washed with natural soap. It will make the skin soft and silky. It should be repeated 1-2 times per week to get the real effect. The mixture can be stored for 6 months if kept in a sealed jar.
Finally, organic beer poured in water can make the skin soft and smooth. For that, one needs to bathe in the mixture for 20 minutes and dry off. The procedure should be repeated for 1-2 time weekly.

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