Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Teach Others How You Should be Treated

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Holy Bible
“Love your neighbour as yourself.” Torah
“Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find it hurtful.” Buddhism
These and many other variations of the Golden Rule in all the cultures, religions and societies have been the bone, the bases and the guideline to our relationships with the others in all the times and situations.

It stands to reason that we should treat others the way we ourselves would like to be treated. And blessed are those who manage to follow this wisdom and succeed in their correlation to the others.
Sometimes, however, we are powerless, just as the Golden Rule is.
It happens that  “the way you would like to be treated” is something different for you and the person the situation relates to.

What stands to reason is that we should teach the others how to treat us. We should react to every behaviour towards ourselves respectively. Never hesitate to pay the kindness for kindness and better for good and never avoid being strong on preventing wrong treatment and behaviour.
Dialog and not a blame game. We should be always ready to put a lot of efforts and do our best to talk the misunderstandings and misbehaviour over.
When you love yourself enough and treat yourself with respect, you automatically show the others the right way to approach you.
There might be different personalities we come across. Some of them will make their way up through your way down. They will feel stronger and more intelligent by making you feel weaker and less intelligent. And it is not a matter of you or their relations with you. That’s not a priority for this kind of people. Their priority is themselves and their domination in all the aspects and by all the means. This kind of personalities are hopeless to deal with or to try to teach them how to treat you.
While another type of personality is the one that never even suspects that the demonstrated behaviour or treatment might hurt you or might be considered an expression of disregard.
Here you still have a hope of getting them to the right point of interaction by dialogues, by explaining and showing who you are, how you treat them and how you expect them to treat you.
At some point, you might seem mean, and your attempts to put the correlation in the right route might meet different reactions, sometimes even not very positive. However you need to be active when protecting your place under the sun in a peaceful and respectful towards the others way.
Those who are worth it and for whom you are worth of working the obstacles out for the improvement and harmony will remain. Those who won’t let them go.
We very often go crucially wrong when complaining of someone treating us in an undesired way, while we have never tried to teach that someone the desired way.

 Let’s try to keep the worthies around us and do our best to be worth having them.

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