Monday, February 24, 2014

8 Steps to Quit Consuming Soda

Did you know that Coca-Cola is the second most international word in the world after "OKAY"? People consume it in Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, South America and Oceania.

 John Pemberton, an American chemist,  invented Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia, 1886. One will be surprised to know that it was initially sold in a pharmacy as medicine against headache. At that time people in the United States believed that carbonated water was good for health. If you will go through Mark Pendergrasts' book "Country and Coca-Cola," you will find there Pemberton's claim, that Coca-Cola cured diseases like headache, impotence, morphine addiction, and many more.
It's important to note that initially Coca-Cola did not contain fizz, as it was added later.

Nowadays the consumption of soft drinks is one of the hottest topics in health care issues. According to Collective Evolution, there is 48% increase in heart attack and stroke risk for people who consume soft drinks on a daily scale. According to the journal Respirology, soft drink consumption causes in asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Moreover, the carbonation in coke makes the bones softer, and drinks like milk and water will attribute to the increase of calcium in the body.

As far as the global web is full of information on the possible dangerous effects the usage of soft drinks may cause, I would rather bring forward some easy tips, how to get rid of consuming soft drinks on a daily scale.
Step 1. First of all, find for yourself the reasons for which you have decided to give up on using soda. Examples are; you reduce caffeine and sugar intake, limit carbonation and artificial sweeteners, you avoid getting your tooth enamel softened, and, at last, you waste your money to get unhealthy.
Step 2. After realizing the reasons why one is determined to quit consuming, the next step is about finding substitutes for soda. Water itself would be an excellent solution, but let us be realistic; any addiction should be dealt with portions. This means, from the beginning that one shouldn't  totally rely on water in the efforts to quit soda. Try to reduce the quantity of soda you use, after gradually include in your menu juice, ice tea, sports water, mint water, milk.
Step 3. After the quantity comes the calculation of calories, you obtain from consuming soda. Write down how many times you use soda per day, and how much calories you are supposed to get per day out of all the meals and drinks. Later take out the quantity of calories you get from the soda. Eyes see on the paper the reality; this will motivate you to take steps for getting rid of the bad habit.
Step 4.  Start to reduce the amount of consuming soda for 20-25%  on a weekly scale. The second week, make it double, by keeping the same process for the following week. With the reduction of the amount of the soda, you should fulfill it with the replacements mentioned above, for not getting dehydrated.
Step 5. Each time you go for shopping, try to buy less and less soda. If you drink soda outside, avoid keeping coins with you to get soda from the machines. If your circles are fond of soda, ask them to hide it from your eyes.
Step 6. You should keep in mind, that the cutting off soda (which contains caffeine) from your everyday drink consumption will cause in headaches in a week, and you will feel tired.
Step 7. In case, it's almost dramatic for you to cut it off, you should make your quitting schedule more tolerable.
Step 8. Make a note on a piece of paper with the following words; "Drink water," instead of "Do not drink soda." This way you avoid the seduction of your favorite habit.
Step 9. This last step is for good luck :)

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