Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Body Shape: Is it Important?

No doubt what people mostly care about is the shape of their body. Indeed, we think a lot about every single part of our body and try to judge how beautiful our nose, eyes, skin, etc are. Moreover, these thoughts never leave us alone.  Hence, we start to compare the beauty of our body with the others and share our thoughts about with our family members and friends. We even stick on those thoughts and carry those with us especially when we are criticized for this or that part of our body.

There are always close friends with who one loves to share such thoughts with. Hence, the story of a woman says, how some time ago she was dining with her two friends and discussing those parts of their body they were worrying about mostly. And not only, they were discussing about their eating habits, the type of food they eat and they were pretty happy to share all of that. They were discussing how hard it was to acknowledge how a particular part was big or small and another part was a bit fat or slim, or how the clothes would fit or and sometimes even would not,  which part was more fatter and how to overcome all of those. As a result, the most painful thing would become what the others think of all of those.

The woman claims it is not right to live with the idea what the others think about you. She fights for not serving an example for her two daughters. She is pretty confident she wants her daughters be certain in what they want in their lives.
She considers it is not easy to be a woman, especially if you are pretty famous, since one has to have a nice body, should be nicely dressed up; hair should be necessarily styled with a nice make-up, and etc. God only knows how the press will react if you do not control all of these. 
The woman had convinces she always controlled her weight. The only thing that bothered her and the most she suffered from was her nose. Her classmates at school were laughing at her nose. And not only, people in the bus would tease her as well and she would have a hard time thinking she was the ugliest girl in the district.

When she grew up, she stopped worrying about her nose as she had decided to do a surgery. Husband and parents were against that and wouldn't find her nose that ugly. However, having all the necessary means she was firm in her decision to do the surgery with a big hope that her life would change after.  Moreover, after suffering that much in her childhood, she had dreamt of having a nice nose for so many years. And, she finally did that in February of 2004.

The results did not disappoint her, though the change was not that significant. Some friends would not even notice she had gone through all of that. Though she had got a different look, she would feel she had the same big nose as always.  Her friends would experience the same. When they would lose some weight, they would still feel they were fat as usual.  This was because they had been told so since childhood and they would continue to believe in that. As she confessed, she loved her skin more than when he was younger. After having the kids, her body had changed a lot. She even would be pretty happy to see herself thinner, but she had confessed she loved eating and could not stop it.  She also told she had Botox several times and had planned to have that again. In general, she mostly preferred to be healthier.

Most important of all, as she admits, is that she tries to figure out how to grow her daughters up so that they become healthy and self-assured people. She tries to grow in them a lot of confidence, as considers the recent is more important than being slim. She speaks her daughters out about their beauty and taste even if the clothes they wear do not really fit them nicely. This way she tries to make them fearless. According to her  it does not matter if one is tall or short, fat or thin, with big or small nose. It is really essential to acknowledge that the most important thing among all of these is treatment - when everybody is kind and concerned about the others. If so, we would live in a wonderful world.  

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