Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dyed Hair and Still Healthy

It goes beyond saying that an important part of our appearance is the way our hair look. Nowadays there are is a vast variety of hair color products, both organic and chemical, which we use to obtain the preferred and lovely hair color for us.
There are four main types of hair color products; permanent,demi-permanent,semi-permanent and temporary. Permanent, demi-permanent  and semi-permanent hair color products are those which contain more chemicals in them as compared with temporary ones.

Many people go for a traditional way of dying hair, which result in hair quality loss and dryness. While dyeing and styling your hair, you can still keep them healthy and stylish. For that, here are some steps to get the best result;

Step 1. Avoid over washing your hair. Over washing, your hair will result in the loss of
your hair oil, which prevents hair loss.

Step 2. The perfect choice will be to buy hair treatment products (shampoos, masks, conditioners) especially for chemically treated hair. Meanwhile, if your hair looks good and is soft, it's preferable to put conditioner only to the peaks of hair.

Step 3. A coconut hair mask is a good solution for dyed hair. Take a small bowl, fill it with Coconut oil 2 parts, olive oil 1 part. Mix the oils well and apply it to the end of the hair. Depending on how damaged your hair are, you may keep the mixture on your head for 15-30 minutes.

Step 4. Make less and less the usage of hair styling products. Hair straighteners, hair dryers and hair curlers, will damage your hair even more than you expect. Hair loses its shine and dries out.

Step 5. Finally, do not brush your hair often. It may seem to be a good habit, as it is with washing hair often, but this way you one more time get your hair stripped of the natural oil. 

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