Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Best Swimsuit vs. Confidence

We love to entertain ourselves in summer - enjoy the sun, the lake and different types of outdoor activities, barbecue inclusive. However, one thing still bothers - the body shape after a long winter and how the swimsuit will fit. Indeed, women get frustrated before putting on a swimsuit – will it look good, or…? Then the idea of getting the right swimsuit put women in stress.

It is hard to choose the right swimsuit, as sometimes you have to  hide the problematic parts of your body nicely and vice versa show the very parts that you find nicer. One thing is clear here, the swimsuit should fit women so that they feel pretty confident in it. 
Below, the author describes the very tips that can help most women to find the right swimsuit according to their body type which are pear shape, apple shape, hourglass and straight and athletic types. 
Usually pear shaped are considered women who have a small chest and waist. Pear shaped are those who have full hips, butt and thighs. For pear shape body, it is advised to wear a bikini and top with ornaments so that it can attract one's chest. Dark colors on the bottom can somehow cover the hips. Tankini with miniskirt will do well too, as it will cover the upper thighs and the tank will show the body even longer. However, with tankini or bikini the boyshorts will not fit well as they would badly highlight the hips. A suite with diagonal stripes can fit pretty well too, since the lines will attract the waist. In general, the perfect swimsuit will fit the best as it would not only highlight the chest, but minimize the hips and butt, as well.        
Apple shaped are considered women who have wider shoulders, chest and waist than their hips and butt are. For this body supportive and slimming swimsuits are recommended. Swimsuits that will divide the waist and hips will fit pretty well. Hence, women with this type of  body should choose a swimming suite with shirring down the sides and at the waist. To stress the chest and legs, women should take suites with plunging neckline and high cut thigh. Bikini with darkly colored halter and printed bottom that cover the shape will fit well for this type of body.  
Hourglass body type are considered women with proportionate chest and hips and pretty small waist. One with this type of body should wear a swimsuit that will emphasize the natural curves of the body and waist. To stress the waist, bikini with a matching pint on top and bottom will fit well. In addition, bikini bottom with thin strings will show the hips wider and hide the hourglass shape. Contrary to this, the hipsters or boyshorts with wide sides will show the hips less curvy. It should be noted that women with this shape have a big variety of choices.    
Athletic and straight women are those with narrow chest and hips and perhaps would like to look a bit curvy. Swimsuits with halter or triangle tops will look pretty well for this type of body. Low-rise boyshorts or hipsters, monokini with cutouts, as well as bikini tops with ruffles or fringe, will not look bad. They will give the body effect of a feminine figure.  However, bandeau tops are not encouraged since they can minimize the curves.

Despite all the advice provided above one should remember whatever body one has and what swimsuit one will wear, it is important to bear in mind that here the confidence is the most important.

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