Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eyelash Enhancers and the Side Effects

These days it has become  a boom in the cosmetics market to produce eyelash enhancers and compete with the growing new brands. My article is not touching upon how to choose the right brand for the eyelash enhancer, but gives a general outline to good and bad side effects of applying eyelash enhancers.

Most of the woman and girls carry a mascara in their purse. It's not by chance, as mascara gives a better look to the eyelashes, makes them thick  and gorgeous. Another solution that woman and girls prefer, is applying artificial eyelashes, which, by the way, has become awkward with the growing tendency of using a natural way of growing eyelashes with the help of eyelash enhancers.
Why is it awkward to use artificial eyelashes? To stick them to your natural eyelashes you need to use gum. Imagine the results after you have taken off the artificial eyelashes from the natural one; sure, it results in eyelash loss.
Before continuing with a better solution for enhancing your eyelashes and discussing its side effects, let us see what eyelash enhancer is, what are its ingredients.
Irrespective of the fact that applying eyelash enhancers are a natural way to grow the eyelashes, one should not ignore the side effects those products can cause. Eyelash enhancers, having ingredients like bimatoprost, lantanoprost, and prostaglandin have been known to darken blue eyes, to cause a blurred vision and brown red rings round the eyes, irritation and itch. Moreover, the early use of products with the above mentioned ingredients will develop resistance to other medicaments in the eyes.

However, I am willing to offer you some tips how to take care of your eyelashes by not only relying on eyelash enhancers (these are tips and tricks mostly offered and discussed in forums, that I found more or less helpful).
To take care of your eyelashes, one should start with a healthy diet to boost the growth of the body hair in general. While choosing a mascara and eyelash enhancer, ensure that they are the possible natural ones. Try to avoid using too much mascara usage and curling your eyelashes. Choose corrects makeup removers for eyes and skin. The process of removing mascara from the eyelashes requires you to be gentle enough not to rub them.
If the natural way of getting full and long eyelashes does not really fulfill your goals, there are always the alternative ways like artificial eyelashes, eyelash extensions to get the result you desire.

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