Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cancer As a Gift?

People are not secure from the surprises prepared by the life itself. Thousands of lives are wasted to cancer, yet not many people deal with the reality created by the disease with an acceptance and ‘self-inventment.’ Thus, some people consider it as a gift, which causes into positive and good manners to live their lives.

A 38 year old woman, who has recently got her breast cancer diagnoses, introduces the following  cancer side effects. Here, she explains, “Cancer makes you

•    educator: It’s the time when one gets an enormous amount of information, tries to understand it, and after all passes that info to those circles of people who are concerned with your health conditions. This amount of information will help you to update your knowledge about cancer, even if you are not that willing to get all the details about it;

•   professional nutritionist: You need to take care of a proper eating guide and from a chocolate lover you need to become a green food fan. The hospital will be quite helpful with this special eating guide, or at least your friends and family are there to give you all the possible tips to deal with your cancer diet program;

•   psychologist: People with the same concern, whether it’s cancer that has stroke them, or an ordinary life problem, tend to  get together and to exchange experience on how they deal with it. In my case, it’s cancer, which strikes too many people. It’s a time when you become willing to be a piece of relief for those who share the same destiny with you;

•    Buddhist: Cancer disturbs all the harmony and peace within you; you try to find a peaceful place. One needs to be strong enough to cope with the ongoing procedures of operations, chemo, losing the lovely appearance and much more. The human body is fantastic as it can adapt to any circumstance, it has appeared in; these are certain tools that you develop within yourself to overcome the critical health condition. I have obtained these skills through Buddhism, which helped me to value everything and everybody around me.”
In conclusion, while reading those lines, one does not need to have any diagnoses to follow the points above. One thing that all of us need is to live well, to be good to the others and value life with all of its surprises.

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