Sunday, December 29, 2013

Natural and Artificial Sponge Effects

There are two types of sponges for bath – natural and artificial. It is known that man-made sponges are mostly artificial. However, it's worth to discover which one is good for health – man made, an artificial or a natural one?

It is known that “sea sponges” come from ancient times and contain organic materials such as calcium carbonate or glasses and vary from small to the big size. There is no doubt that those who are prone to consuming natural and organic foods would prefer sea sponges. However, the sea sponges, like any other natural and artificial good, has its positive and negative features.

The sea-sponges are able to grow back, if one can pick those accurately, moreover, it won’t even damage the environment afterwards. It should be noted that the sea sponge is coarse enough which enables to move the “dead skin cells,” thus making the skin pretty smooth and delicate. However, the sea sponges are pretty expensive as compared to the artificial ones.
Artificial sponges in their turn are more attractive than the natural ones when they appear next to each other on the stands of the stores. They are not as expensive as the natural ones and are almost always available, but they are not as good as the natural ones as they are made of “wood pulp.” Moreover, the artificial sponges have antimicrobial elements to remove the microbes off the body that sometimes is not even healthy.
The researcher at the University of California Davis has revealed that triclosan included in the artificial sponge can affect the hormones and the nervous system deeply. Moreover, if the skin is irritated, the very sponge can bring the “epidermis disaster.” However, if one still is prone to artificial sponge, should make sure it does not contain “abrasive polyester” to avoid the unnecessary chemicals left on the skin.  
It is important to find out the state of the skin - say if it is dry, oily or sensitive or has problems such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, etc., when using any kind of sponge - be that natural or artificial, to escape every kind of harm to the skin. 
Be healthy and find more information on the artificial and natural sponges in other related articles.

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