Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to Choose the Right Baby Name?

There are thousands of names throughout the world? What is the right name for your baby?
I would consider this process to be one of the most challenging and one of the sweetest ones. I haven't chosen any name for my baby, as I don't have a baby yet, but still will share with you how my friends felt on it while choosing a name for their baby.
I will bring forward the following categories how parents name their baby;

  •  Sweet memory name (it's the name of the person the memory of which lightens up your face).
  • Inspirational name of actor/actress, politician, etc 
  • Relative's name
  • Popular name  
  •    Fashionable name
  •    Heart derived name
(If you have some more categories, please, do not hesitate to leave a comment, at the same time admitting your preferred baby name, which will be helpful for those who are in search of a baby name).

 Here are some easy tips how to make the final choice;

1. In the beginning just blow it off. Do not stick with one name until the baby is born, because it's only after its birth you may look at her small eyes and feel within it's Veronica or Tracy, it's John or Maximilano.

2. Make a list of the names you prefer. On occasion just discuss with a person, who knows you best, the names on the list by asking their opinion. The person is not preferably your husband or your mother (they have already prepared their advice and choice long before). Your best friend or sibling will be just on time for you to see their reaction on your certain choice, to help to confirm it.

3. Say the names of your choice aloud, see how they sound. It's easy to submit them into your every conversation like " What do you think, honey, will Edward become a lawyer or a businessman?." Or "Do you think the smooth blue color for Nelly's room will be pleasant and comfortable enough?." See how they sound for your ears and how naturally they flow out from the heart.

4. Write down the name with the last name of the baby, see whether they sound good together. The visual theory is an efficient tool, as well.

5. Have you chosen four names already? It's time to get friends and relatives together to make the final choice by putting options up for a vote. 

6. Close your eyes and pronounce the name, or names, which got the majority of votes. See which name brightens your face, brings a piece of smile to you. If you love the name before the owner is born, it will make you love the baby even more.

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