Friday, April 11, 2014

Small Changes Will Bring Bliss to Your Life

One of the common mistakes people make while trying to find bliss in their lives is running after something big, like buying the latest fashionable car; certainly this is a major bliss. But you should keep in mind that small things, you change in your life will be as joyful as the cruise in the Maldives.  This is something I experienced in my life about which I am willing to share with you. Accordingly, the article illustrates some of those valuable tiny changes which will bring major bliss in your life.

Get Enough Sleep
One of the factors contributing to your happiness level is getting enough sleep. When we are tired the body produces too much cortisol which causes stress and bad mood. Normally, one needs to get from six to seven hours sleep. If you can go for eight, it’s the perfect solution.

Go For Hugs
It may seem to be funny, but the physical touch will make you to be at ease, to exchange energy with someone you like or love. Waking up in the morning, hug your partner; believe it that this will bright the day for both of you. Single? Rely on friends; hug them at least once a day.

Express Gratefulness
Bring a little bit of joy to your life by writing down on a piece of paper things you are grateful to have in your life; this can be the job you have for the moment, or the many friends by your side. Moreover, want more fun? Write a gratefulness letter to a friend of yours whom you cherish for being by your side for so many years. Their joy will be transferred to you that will make you blissful in turn.

Take an Hour Off Technology
It is proved that cellphones are a source of distress for people; every moment we are alert to check an email or a Facebook message. Take one hour off from this distressing habit to feel good and relaxed. Fix a certain hour during the day to be your free technology hour.

Compliment Yourself
If you are hard on you, this is not the best treatment for you. Have you ever compared how you treat yourself and how you treat your friends? Certainly, your friends get a better attitude from. Accordingly, treat yourself the way you treat your friends. You did your task perfectly; it’s time to get your own compliment. This is one of the most important factors adding your bliss.

Take Your Time to Do Nothing
The ‘nothing’ seems to be not that attractive when you have got so much stuff to do during the day. Take some thirty minutes during the day, when you have nothing planned to do. This will reduce your stress and level up your joy and happiness.



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  1. Excellent clue to women all age. Percolate it to all media to ease the life of the world. Most Indian hesitate hug & will be gelouse