Wednesday, February 26, 2014

8 Tips to Happiness

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”
Dalai Lama XIV

"Am I happy?"
"What is happiness?"
"Where can I find it?"

These are questions, people, in search of happiness, ask themselves. People have different attitudes to happiness; for one person, it's a success in career, for the other one, it's a family and children that lead them to happiness. After one has got to  his principle goals, it seems like he or she is not happy yet. What is happiness?  For me, happiness is when I wake up, and I see the sunlight. I am happy when I can make people happy (my family, friends, people I meet).

It's not by chance, that I started my article with a quotation of Dalai Lama; if one sits and waits for happiness, all the time complaining that everything goes wrong and things will go wrong. What should one do? Move; take action to happiness and keep nurturing it. Here are some of the tips I follow myself to get my own happiness on a daily scale.
1. Start to think differently. Find out for yourself things that make you happy. Make a journey within yourself, reveal your individuality and do not compare it with that of the others. Change your thoughts and Life will change.
“A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks he becomes.”
Mahatma Gandi
2. Surround yourself with happy people. Those who have concerns and always find things that are bad about their lives will influence you subconsciously. With happy people, you have no choice, but to be happy.
3. Write down on a piece of paper the strategies about how you can achieve your goals to be happy. This will help you to feel confident, as it is a way to prove yourself, that you follow certain values.
4. On weekends just 'forget' your electronics at home. Take time to be alone with your thoughts. Walk at least 30 minutes somewhere outdoors to get some sunlight.
5. From time to time make something new for yourself. Set up the evening table with a new dish, or take a long bath, relax, listen to your favorite music.
6. Take care of your health by eating a proper food, exercising regularly to release endorphins that are known to give a feeling of happiness.
7. Be grateful for all the good things you have got in your life. Take time to reveal those good things, like you have friends, your children are healthy, etc. and say aloud that you are thankful for that.
8. Most important of all; repeat for yourself that you deserve to  be happy; this is why you are here on the earth. Remind yourself every day what steps you need to take to achieve your happiness.

If you would like to read further information on the topic, I would suggest you to check on YouTube what Dr. Wayne Dyer says on this regard.

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