Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Women Hate about All Men

This time we are going to find out things that women dislike about men. This list is abundant with the annoying habits that men have; it’s not only about pointing out some of those habits, but also letting you know that it’s possible to change those habits by keeping your relationship in a good phase. Most of the time men do not understand that they could make a little effort to come into terms with their beloved ones by means of cooperation. There are common personality features in men that attract women excessively. Let us find out some types of guys that women avoid in general.

  1.       Women avoid the predictable guy. It is when women know what will be his reaction at a particular moment or his reaction to everything in general. This is the guy who lives in his standards of being ordinary; that is nothing surprising is going to happen in a relationship with him. Perhaps, this is the reason why most women run to those ‘bad’ guys. This notion of a bad guy is explained, not by their bad behavior or their bad habits, but by the fact, that they are unpredictable; hence they are interesting. 

2.       Too much emotions are a lack of confidence in man. Each time he wants to reassure himself concerning the relationship and his being good, make a woman realize his insecurities. Dear men, confidence and independence, are one of those main tools for you to attract your opposite gender.

3.       The egoist and arrogant guy overestimates his self-importance. Most of the time this guy is into himself, not into the girl or the relationship. It’s not by chance that  sometimes women say “In our relationship both of us are in love with him.” Arrogant guys tend to be rude to the others; so if you find that you are this kind  of man it’s time to change your attitude. Women watch how men treat others, even if they treat their girl as a princess. 

4.       Sometimes men want to show how appealing they are by flirting with others and watching all the passing chicks in the presence of their women. By this, your girl will not get the true intention of yours; instead, she will feel disrespected from your side. The chances are zero when it’s your first date with her, and you behave like this. The chances are fading if you are in a relationship already.

5.       Generosity in a person, regardless of gender, is appealing in general.  If a guy acts the cheap guy from the first date, it’s going to be a failure for the future relationship. Your budget shortage is not that interesting at that moment when she is more up to finding out your personality; do not give her the idea of spending her life on a shortage of pennies. Be carefree as much as possible, at least, when it’s your first date.

6.       Arguments are not pleasant in any kind of relationship. The person having curiosity and debating manner appears to be interesting, but when it goes to be a part of his nature it becomes unbearable for the woman. All he does is arguing and complaining. This way the woman gets into her self-defending mode not to become a victim of your criticism. To avoid this, you should make her days more pleasant and relaxing, by putting aside your habit of an arguer.


  1. Woow!! very powerful lectures! thnx u have teach me and impact me a great things in my life. God blessing you.