Sunday, February 9, 2014

Improving Your Relationship through Art

You may ask yourself whether it’s possible to improve one’s love life through art. I believe that it’s more than possible, that it’s more than real. We may bring dozens of examples that will prove this point; there is an art in making food and serving it to people. It is an art when you give a design to your home, dress your child, make an evening meal for a special person.
Each of us has his own way of expressing art within themselves. My favorite occupation is playing guitar, trying to increase my knowledge of chords and to manifest my emotions through music. It’s the happy faces of people that encourage me to share this art with them. These are good emotions, appreciation in art that brings out the love.
There are dozens of examples of how we bring art to our daily life. Imagine of the first date with your beloved, whether it was a romantic evening dinner at a restaurant with a bunch of flowers on the table and two glasses of red wine, or just walk in a nearby park, with a rose in your hand. The smile on your face causes a smile to your surroundings; it’s the art of communication exchanged.

It’s simple to bring art to our everyday, ordinary life. Here are a number ways to do it that I would like to introduce you:
•    Being aware of the local artists’ works by supporting it and bringing of a piece of his art to your place with a face smiling wide.
•    Putting art in places one could hardly think about; like putting an old suitcase of Grandmother in a corner, in the living-room, covering it with a nice texture with some old books on it.
•    Serving an evening meal with a nicely decorated table, relaxing music, without forgetting about a smile.
•    Having glasses already served to your guests and meals for them on the table ready beforehand.
•    Placing fresh flowers on the kitchen table, serving healthy raw food for a couple of times during the week. The flowers will brighten up the faces of your beloved ones and the raw food will be the sign that they are in caring hands.

I think these are just a small part of the daily activities to be undertaken, which will bring a lot of love through our lives. One doesn’t need to have all the preparation in advance to realize all these. A simple willingness at the very moment, and the art with love is on the way.

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