Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to Attract the Guy You Like: Easy Tips

If  you met that special one and you still keep back, it's high time to follow my tips and go forward to getting your crush. While some girls would limit themselves with a hopeful smile and wait for wonders to happen, the others would act right on the spot. For most of the time it's not that easy to take the initiative to act first, anyway. Accordingly, these are some tips to help you in attracting the guy you have a crush on.

  1. The body language is one of the important tricks to manifest while attracting the desired person. It may happen that, for some reason, we hide our interest toward the person, with a fear of being humiliated. First step is to put aside this thought and make your body language noticeable for him, like looking at him longer and paying a nice smile. This will make him think that you are interested in him, and why not, you like him. It is not by chance that 'like attracts like.'

2.  According to a Research at the University of Missouri, it is very important to have an eye contact if you want to have a crush on someone. The effect will be even better if the eye contact is accompanied with a nice smile. The experiment showed that a woman sitting at a cafe could have 25% of men to approach her in case when she guaranteed an eye contact with them. When she added a smile to it, more than 60 % of men approached her. This means that besides the makeup trick and tips you have applied, you should also apply your natural makeup which is the smile.

3. A study conducted reveals that for a woman to have success in attracting men, the best time for dating is the evening. In a dimly lit place, your eyes become dilated and attractive. Besides, women, girls who feel uncomfortable with their skin, it's quite reasonable to meet a guy in the evening, until the mission is not fulfilled.

4.  It's a common knowledge that someone smelling good seems to be attractive to the others subconsciously. Accordingly, you may apply one of your favorite perfume not only smell good, but also to stay unforgettable. Try to avoid a distinctive perfume smell, as it may have the opposite effect. It should be mild and neutral, as you are now aware of his preferences yet.

5. What is important of all, give space for him to express himself and talk about his life. This will show that you are interested in him indeed, and this will make him to be interested in you, as well.