Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Overcoming Depression

Nowadays depression is not just a disease but a growing tendency. Almost 120 million of the world population suffers this devastating epidemics, and most of us take it as a “should be.” It won’t be an exaggeration to admit that depression is one of the most alarmingly developing and widely devastating diseases that can be.

It almost disables and disarms you. Every little thing becomes unbearable, and you dive into isolated apathy.
There is a number of traditional therapies and medications that indeed work, and you should turn to them if you feel the black dog of depression, as Churchill would describe it, getting to you.
However, before turning to therapies or medicine, you can try to cope with it by yourself in very simple and natural ways. Moreover, these ways are no less effective than the above mentioned.
The studies have shown that the folks from primitive tribes, leading the “caveman lifestyle” don’t ever suffer depression. So what if to take the simple activates of the cavemen and add those to our routine step by step.
A lot of research on this simple method gave the desired results and here are the basic activities that you need to make your own regular. 
First and the most important thing is sunlight. Make sure that you get out at least for 30 minutes at daytime every day and get you a portion of sunlight. This will perfectly wind up your inner clock, charge you with vital energy and favor your good night sleep.   
Exercise. Move your body; let your muscles feel alive.  If you don’t manage to add some aerobics to your routine, at least just walk. Walking will improve everything improvable in you and will make your heart work better.
Have a good regular sleep. Go to bed at the same hour every day and forget about TV before sleeping. Turn the bright lights down and sleep. A warm bath before the sleep also works wonders.
Be more social.  Involve the people you love or like in your everyday life and activities. Keep it simple, go for more fun, and follow up the cultural events.  
Go offline and socialize with those dears face to face.

Drop the negative emotions and thoughts out.  Thoughts are a powerful weapon that can work both in favor and against us. Think positive and never know what antidepressant is.

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