Sunday, February 9, 2014

Too Many Dresses In Your Closet?

The common habit of girls and women is that they have so many dresses forgotten in their closet long before. Generally, these are dresses from school dances or bridesmaid ventures. Most of the time one doesn't know what to do with them, whether to reinvent those dresses or to give to some close relative who will need them one day, or still keep in the closet to have the memories of the past years alive.

What about those girls who can’t afford to buy a simple dress for a certain occasion, in case when you paid a big deal of money for that of your one? Do you wonder where to send your dresses and to be sure that they will find a second owner, who desperately, wants to be present for the school dance?
It goes beyond saying that it’s expensive for a schoolgirl to purchase a nice dress- let alone prom. Isn’t it reasonable to make it available for your expensive dress to be helpful and useful for the second hand?
It’s encouraging when organizations or individual people may launch projects where they try to provide young girls second hand dresses. One of such organizations is called Adoptive Family Support Network (AFSN) in the USA. Due to their fruitful work, more than 1,000 dresses have been collected over the past two years with all at no-cost provided to 
The organization Adoptive Family Support Networks is not unique itself, as here we come to see another organization called Hope Closet, serving for more than 400 girls from April 13-14. Hope Closet has the same goal as it is with the AFSN, which is to break the financial constraint for those school girls who cannot afford to buy a nice dress for a school occasion. 
We may say that a prom seems like to be a milestone for those young girls who step into a new life. On the way to a new life, it would be disappointing to feel the financial hardship that their families experience.

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