Friday, March 28, 2014

Going to Bed With Your Makeup On?

Sometimes it happens that you go to bed without removing your makeup. It can be the end of a busy day, or you wanted to impress your partner; you should keep in mind that we wear a makeup to look beautiful, which will turn into the opposite effect when not removed. It is important to be careful not to make this a bad habit of yours. To sleep with makeup on, is one of the biggest beauty mistakes. Learn more by reading the article further.

During the day, our skin gets dirty because of environmental pollution. As a result, the small pores on the skin of the face are stuck with dirt, which forbids them to breath. Consequently, this leads to complexion problems. Moreover, those tiny pores produce sebum, natural moisture that protects the skin. Once you keep your skin covered with a makeup product for a long time, you decrease the amount of sebum produced. As a result, the skin is deprived of sweating and breathing; pimples are on the way to appear on your face.

 A special care should be taken about eyes as well; the makeup products will cause blackheads, contact irritation and red eyes. Another undesired effect is that the possibility of getting your eyes infected is quite high. Besides, your eyelashes will be free of the old and sticky mascara from the previous day; that is a guarantee of clump free looking eyelashes. In case of the latter, it’s urgent turning to the doctor.

While you sleep with your makeup on, the dirt and the oil on your face transfers to your pillow. So, your pillow becomes a source of living bacteria, with which your skin will be in contact until you change the pillow case (we hardly change it every day). As a result, your skin gets irritated and tends to have pimples on.

For your convenience, you may have always a makeup cleansing product bedside; you ensure your makeup removal every day. But here comes the fuss – which cleansing product to choose – creams or lotions, gels or pads, and many more. To cure the skin of the face from the damage caused by makeup products and the dirt, one needs to make the right choice of a facial cleanser which is a guarantee of a healthy ad young face.
To start from the right point, first of all, you need to find out the type of your face, which can be normal, oily, dry, combination or sensitive. Once you have determined the basic type of your skin (the types mentioned above), it’s already time to search for the best facial cleanser for your face.

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