Monday, March 17, 2014

When is the Best Time to Work Out?

The best time to work out may vary with different people. Some people prefer to exercise early in the morning, midday, others prefer midnight. But what is the best time for you to work out?

Studies have shown that there is no set time during the day for a person to work out. If you feel that you exercise hard in the morning and have no fatigue afterward, it means your body is for morning exercise.  If the midday is the right time for you to prepare yourself for working out, when your body is already warmed up, then stick to the habit and exercise regularly during midday. Some people prefer a midnight schedule for exercising, when the mind is free from thought about thing awaiting to be done for the rest of the day.

If you feel like exercising with a partner gives you more energy and motivation for having the desired results, then what you can do is to match your schedule with that of the person you can exercise with.
It is important to note, that there is no fixed time during the day when calories are burned more efficiently. But the time determines how you feel when exercising.
Besides the work, family schedules and exercise partner availability, you should also take into consideration your body clock to point out the right time for the body to exercise.  Regardless of your being an early bird, or a night owl, there is no point in alerting your habit, as it is unchangeable in fact. Early bird or night owl is determined in accordance with your circadian rhythm of your body. Body pressure, hormone levels, heart rate is influenced by these rhythms, which determines your readiness to exercise.

However, research suggests that those who exercise regularly at a fixed time, meaning, they have a regular habit, they tend to do better. Though it is recommended for those early birds to warm up the body a little bit longer in the morning as compared with the midday and midnight exercises.
There is a common concern whether to eat before exercising in the morning, or to go with an empty stomach. Studies suggest that exercising without fuel, that is food, will cause in early fatigue and dizziness. If you have at least two or three hours before exercise, you should eat your breakfast. In case you just woke up and going to exercise right away, then take a simple food like one banana or cracks. To take a heavy food before exercising is not recommended, as the body needs enough time to digest. While you are exercising the energy goes to muscles, while there is not enough energy for the stomach to digest the food. Besides, it will be uncomfortable to work out with a full stomach.
If you have a habit to eat some kind of sugary food before exercising, keep in mind that, sugar causes in early fatigue. In case, you feel like it is impossible for you to go without anything sugary before exercising, then take your sweets 5 or ten minutes before at least. However, people deal with food digestion in different ways, so you should find out what food is good for your body that forges comfort during the exercise.

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