Monday, March 31, 2014

Negative and Positive Energies in People

People on our planet create a huge amount of energy. This energy is expressed in a form of aura, which is in contact with everything that goes around us. People, objects and animals have got their energy fields.

How does a negative or  a positive energy affect our lives?
To find out this, let us first to determine how both of them are created. Everything we do think or intend raises emotions either positive or negative. For example, if your bad attitude to a person arose a negative feeling about it, hence causing a bad emotion for that person, a negative energy vibration is a guarantee. Not only you will be affected by this vibration, but also animals, plants or objects surrounding you. This is a bright example, how a negative energy can pass from one person to the other one.
It is obvious that the negative energy is accompanied with bad moods and emotions, bad health conditions, lack of creativity, stresses, fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, selfishness, and many more. While, in the case of positive energy, everything is just the opposite; one is full of positive energy to transfer love, light, and positive energy to the others, and, first of all, to himself.

As mentioned above, the energy, either positive or negative, spreads around like vibration; hence the negative energy is not something individual. One of the important things people should keep in mind is that, the vibration of a negative energy in people (who are in pain, or suffer) located in a particular part of the world, will be transferred to the whole planet. All of us are a source of energy; we stand on the ground and our energy penetrates into the ground to meet the energy of someone else.
People on the globe are connected by invisible ropes. The earth keeps us aware that, in some other part of the world, a nation is suffering famine or war. This energy, in the form of aura is spreading around and reaching us. This is how we intuitively get to know that our neighbors are in bad conditions. The environment you live has a crucial role in affecting you positively or negatively. For example, if there are people around you, who continuously spread a negative energy by their thoughts and actions, one thing is obvious, that you will be soon affected by this energy (consciously or subconsciously). Sometimes one may get sick or will lack a life energy without any reason. This is explained by the fact that people carrying negative thoughts or actions tend to transfer the negative vibration to us unconsciously. We, in our turn, take that vibration on us and are infected with the bad energy. It is not by chance that it is highly recommended to keep the company of those people who are a source of positive energy.

The more you get involved with the invisible world of energy, the more aware you will be about yourself. This awareness will help you to change your life and to experience self healing and a conscious spiritual life.

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