Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lifestyle Choices We Make

Have you ever thought what is really necessary for people to lead a normal and simple life? There are several personal reasons why people change their lifestyle by becoming anti-consumerists and banning materialism.  Hence, one of the reasons to change people's lifestyle is that the desire of having expensive items most often takes them to stress and mental disorders.
By simplifying one's life the importance is fixed on more of the valuable things in life, like spirituality, good health and healthy eating, meeting family more often. It is not by chance, "the best things in life are free." Throughout the article I am sharing with you how to become happy with simple life solutions based upon my experience.

 If you are willing to have a life free of stress and ready to notice things that are of permanent value, then you should teach yourself to be giving away. In every giving, there should not be waiting for the others to 'pay' you back. Items, materials, become less of the importance for you.
An example of mine is that I gave my favorite earrings to my sister, as they suited her so well, and she was excited to wear them. For a couple of minutes I was embarrassed, it was hard to give them up. It didn't last long, because the relief of self-confidence and the spirit of willingness came forward to point out values that are more important in life as compared to that of the materialistic world.

Sometimes society is playing an important role in shaping your lifestyle. Depending on the type of people you spend time, will determine the style of life you lead. The good thing is to avoid those whose thoughts and energy are all the time focused on how to get this or that expensive item, when you see so much suffering in their eyes. It's all about stress, which will subconsciously be transferred to you.

Find yourself in the nature more frequently, as most often we tend to forget that all of us are a part of it. In the morning one wakes up in a box, which is the house; nest is to take a bus or to drive to the workplace - the office, that is the third box after the car or a bus. So, get back to nature, feel its welcoming and energetic source.
People who are self-sufficient are more inclined to simple life, when hey make their own food, a small piece of art just decorate the kitchen wall and the green mint is growing in the backyard to supply with everyday mint tea.

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