Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Impact of Music on Brain

Our brains respond differently to happy or sad music, for the one sad music is enjoyable, for the other it's not that preferable as it brings forward negative mood and thoughts. It's interesting how music can affect our emotions; sometimes one understands the emotions of a piece of music without feeling it. A good example is, when one is listening to sad music, but he is still keeps on being in a good mood.

Many of us have the habit of putting the music aloud and making our to-do lists, but it should be mentioned; that high volume music doesn't forge creativity. Though ambient noise can improve our creativity. As one is trying to produce information, to put the brain into the process, the high noise levels reduce the amount of effort for the brain to process the information efficiently. 

 Though it has been tested on young adults, it's still interesting to know that the music we choose can predict our personality. According to research at Heriot-Watt University, different music genres can predict the person one becomes in certain ways.
For instance, those preferring blues tend to be more outgoing, easy-going, gentle and confident. Rock and Indie fans have low self-esteem, though the ones who prefer Indie are are inclined to be more hard-working as compared with Rock lovers.
It's a common knowledge that learning music instrument is quite beneficial for children, though its benefits are not less for the adults, as well.

Moreover, studies conducted for many years have revealed that music helps to exercise. When we are tired, the brain sends signals to the brain to have a break. Music redirects our attention from the tiredness to its sounds. Though this works for low and intensity exercise.
Depending on the music genre during the exercise, the level of motivation can be determined due to their tempos. Accordingly, one needs to find the right bit for the exercise. Drum and bass are a of great benefit to get your motivation to work out.
Music  helps not only to exercise longer but also helps to use the energy efficiently. A study conducted revealed that those who cycle with listening to music us less oxygen than the ones cycling in silence.

When listening to classic music, people tend to be more concentrated with a pure mind and thought all over the subject and task to be fulfilled.

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