Saturday, March 8, 2014

Why Are You Losing Your Hair?

Hair loss is one of the hottest topics in current health issues, as one third of the population suffers from it. Both men and women experience this problem, but men are more likely to lose their hair. It’s not less demoralizing for women as well, as the problem is common for them.

Hair loss reasons are multiple, ranging from diet, stress, pollution to genetics, vitamin deficiency and more complex health problems. First of all it is important to understand, what hair loss is, how it occurs before it touches you. If it’s already an issue for you, you need first to find out why your hair is falling out in order to determine the proper hair loss treatment. The article will stress upon the possible issues that cause hair loss.

Physical traumas may cause temporary hair loss. Among the traumas are different surgery processes, accidents and illnesses that trigger hair loss. It is only after 3 to 6 months that hair starts falling out as a result of a shocking event. The good news is that; it is possible to get the hair back when the hair loss has a temporary cause (as soon as the person recover, he gets his hair grown up again).

Another physical trauma causing hair loss is pregnancy. Women experience hair loss mostly after the baby has been delivered, as giving birth is quite traumatic for the body. There is no need to panic, as you will need some two months for your hair to grow back.
Research shows that the lack of protein in the body shuts down hair growth to ration it. Milk, egg, foods that contain protein should be an inseparable part of your daily menu. In two or three months the protein that lacks in the body will be expressed in the form of hair loss.

Like male pattern baldness, women are exposed to genetic hair loss, as well. If there is a woman in the family who had hair loss at a certain age, it’s much probable that you will be even vulnerable to it, your hair getting thin. To treat this kind of hair loss, you will benefit from minoxidil.

As compared with physical stress, emotional stress is less possible to cause hair loss. There is a thought that people who lose their beloveds, get divorced, as well as take care of old parents, are exposed to emotional stress causing hair loss.  If there is already a thread to your hair to start falling out, the emotional stress will just contribute to it in a negative way. The only thing you can do is to relax your nerves by reducing anxiety, as well as exercising more and talking to friends ask for help if needed.
Lots of women suffer from Anemia, which is iron deficiency in the body. The blood test will prove or reject the fact that you have that type of anemia. In case you have it, it is one of the easily corrected hair loss issues.
Vitamin B is another important pattern to have healthy hair. Like anemia, it is easily fixed hair loss issue; you need only to change your daily menu supplementing it with nuts, avocado, fruits (excluding too much citruses) and vegetables, as well as foods rich in proteins.

 As you see above, the reasons causing hair loss are multiple; one needs to be caring enough about himself or herself, to determine the real cause of the hair loss issue. Just keep reading the upcoming articles where I am  going to continue the numerous hair loss causes and their prevention.

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