Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How To Get Rid Of Your Facebook Habit

Nowadays life is fulfilled in abundant amounts of technologies that take us away from the real life itself. Cell phones, computers have become tools for people to get the overwhelming information about what is going on in the world. An inseparable part of this development in technologies is the merging of social networking sites, without which most of the people can hardly imagine their lives going on.
Users of Facebook spend an enormous amount of time being online, which results in things still waiting to be done, work unfinished and isolation from family, friends. You may think that it's a means of learning, finding useful information for life, and at least keeping in touch with friends that you can hardly manage to see even once a month.

The article is not about how to give up Facebook, but how to use it in an adequate way. It's said wisely, that everything is good in measures; meaning that too much of everything will result in undesirable consequences. Hence, you should make the site a tool for you to get all the daily need for communication or the information, and not to the site to make you a tool in itself.

1. Limit and fix a certain time you are supposed to spend on Facebook. For example, if you do activities like chatting, sharing, posting for 2 hours a day, just cut it for one hour for a week. Next week it will be 30 minutes, and gradually minimizing the time spent on it.

2. You have got your Facebook app on your cell phone; isn't it wise to get rid of it in order to put aside all those alarming moments when you are waiting someone to answer you back? The mind is always busy with getting messages every moment; you are sitting with your beloved a message received, and you are sorry just to check it, even if you know that you are not waiting for any special one.

3. Facebook page open and minimized, while you are working. Have you tried to do your work without your profile logged in? If not, it's the high time to think about it and compare the quickness and the quality of the work done when Facebook free. You need to promise yourself that as soon as the work is finished, you are going to have a quick check on it. This will save you the accusing thought towards you, when you still are going on and on being online.

4. It's always amazing to talk to friends, relatives, even if when it's all about chat. But think about  holding real conversations and looking into each others eyes, as most often those with whom we chat, are people living in the nearby neighborhood. Make it your habit to meet them and talk just face to face.

5. Have you ever thought to have some private corner of your life? Do you think it is necessary for all the Facebook inhabitants to know what is going in your private life, what's your favorite underwear, or where and with whom you had a coffee an hour before? So, keep people interested in you, don't go first to open everything about you.

6. Find out the impacts of your habit. The  steps to undertake in order to get rid of your Facebook habit are worthless, if you still do not realize and put down on the paper, how it impacts on your everyday life. It's just a habit and habits do change if one really wants.

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