Friday, March 21, 2014

5 Ways to Keep Hair from Getting Oily

Most often it can be a hard battle between us and the oily hair to get them free of grease. It is well-known that washing hair, not every day will make hair healthy. But what to when hair cannot survive without too much oil even a day? What you need to do the first, is to find out the reason of the grease on your hair. Before taking steps to deal with the problem, there are general things to know about oily scalp causes.

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The skin of the scalp produces sebum under the surface of our skin, which makes hair and skin elastic, shiny and smooth. This is a natural hair conditioner that the body produces to protect the skin from dirt and hair from falling out. The pores on the scalp of the scan are those small holes, from where the hair grows. Through those tiny holes, the body produces sebum, which sometimes can be too much leading to discomfort and undesirable consequences. There are a number of reasons causing too much sebum production; wrong care of the hair, usage of inappropriate hair products, diet, stress, and many more.
Regardless of the fact that the oil on the scalp comes out inside the body, and it’s  an inner problem to deal with, one should also treat it from the outside surface of the skin. So, these steps below are indicating some key ways to treat it.

1.       To balance the sebum production, you need to use dietary supplements like rosemary and sage. This will help to reduce the sebum production, with giving space for the body to promote. The volume helps to avoid greasy looking hair.

2.       Back in 1950s and 1960s, it was practical for many people to use beer for treating oily hair. The popularity of washing hair with beer decreased with the mass production of hair treating products. The advantage of washing hair with beer is that it’s a deep cleanser and helps the hair to grow and become thick. The alternative treatment can be the applying of a lemon juice.

3.       While choosing a shampoo product, the preference should be given to the ones that contain sulfates. Sulfates are good for deep cleansing. This kind of shampoos will help to cleanse the dirt from the hair and the skin  without removing the vital moisture which is important for the body.

4.       As an external treatment to avoid oily hair, can be the use of baking soda in your shampoo. You should apply the shampoo with the baking soda every three weeks.

5.       Nowadays, hairstyles like ponytails or chignons are a perfect match for this kind of hair. Moreover, you may slick back your hair, which is a trend in hair fashion nowadays.

Regardless of these hair treatment key methods above, each person may need individual treatment. One should check out different ways to find out the needs of the body and the way it should be treated. If none of them works, it’s recommended to turn to dermatologists.

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