Monday, March 24, 2014

Attire Tips for Men’s Interview

Most of the time the first impression on an employer is the visual one. One may have an impressive resume, reach in experience and qualifications, though the first judgments before the employer has a look at your resume, is how you prepared yourself to impress him or her, how responsible and serious is your approach to the job you want to get. Regardless of the environment you are going to work, it is important how professionally you choose your attire to be for a job interview.

What is the best attire for a job interview? First of all, you should keep in mind, that the candidate who is wearing his elegant suit will have a much better impression on the employer, than the one in his casual jeans and T-shirts.
It is important to find out the kind of company you are going to work. On this regard, we differentiated between professional interview image and less formal interview image. As mentioned above, the professional interview attire requires a suit, with all of its components; shirt with long sleeves, a tie, belt and shoes of dark color, dark socks. The solid color for a suit can be the gray one. The perfect shirt color with the gray suit is the white one, which is a perfect choice for a professional interview. Component accessories to the interview, like portfolio and briefcase give you the image of a person who knows what he wants and is ready for a higher job position. 

There are a number of ‘Don’ts’ one should follow to avoid failures; no jewelry is recommended during the interview. In case you feel like it is almost impossible for you take off the ring on your finger that you are wearing for more than ten years, it is still fine to have it; little jewelry will do no harm yet. But what about the piercing on your eyebrow? Or the big round piercing down in your ear’s pumped part? For you, your tongue or lip piercing may be perfect. Be sure that not all employers are fond of your favorite style accessories. Accordingly, for an hour or two, you have better to leave your small piercing friends at home, if you do not want to frighten the potential employer.

The same is with body tattoos. In an interview, especially the professional one, it is a must to cover any visible tattoos on your body. In this regard, long sleeve shirts are of great help. Button it till the end  of the neck, as well as the sleeves till the whistles. You may never know whether your conservative employer will find your tattoos to be stylish or will feel filthy while looking at them. 

Take care that you have removed even the tiny scruff on your face. Surely, it is fashionable nowadays to have it on the face, but during the interview the perfectly shaved face will give the impression of your being an accurate and responsible person.
Things like gum, cellphones, coffee or soda are to be avoided during any kind of interview. It is understandable that nowadays it is almost impossible to step out of the house without a cell phone. It’s simple; you take it with you and put it into mute mode (the vibration mode will cause you additional disturbance).

Even before they called you for an interview, it’s preferable to have all the important clothing for it. After you have everything on the side, keep your clothes ready the day before (this will save you time and help you to avoid being late). Make sure your clothes are clean, and the shoes are polished. Freshen your mouth and breathe with mint before entering the building.

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