Friday, March 7, 2014

March 8: Easy Tips to Get a Perfect Gift for Your Girlfriend

March 8th is marked on the calendar as International Women’s Day (IWD).  The holiday has different backgrounds in different parts of the world. In Western countries, it’s much about celebrations on the political, economic and social achievements of women. In Eastern countries the 8 of March is singled out to be a day, when children express gratefulness to their mother, young people express love to their beloved women, girlfriends, spouse expresses his feelings to his life partner and love with a special sign of attention.

As anything else, this holiday has changed its original purpose of the celebration. The history goes back to times when  in the sixteenth century a lot of young people were working away from home in Europe. These were mostly girls, who worked as servants for the rich people at the time. To visit their home and, especially, their mothers, these girls were given a day off which they called Mothering Sunday. The significance of the day was that it was the time of the year when families had the opportunity to get together for a family dinner.

Nowadays, March 8 has become not only a holiday dedicated to mothers, but also a day for women and girls who have got their beloved ones (and not only). Here we are; men are in a rush or panic. What to buy for your girlfriend? How to make her day? I agree with you; it’s not an easy task. For that reason here below, dear men, I am presenting easy tips how make your beloved ones happy and for you to stay happy yourself.

Step 1. Reason your gift before buying it. Think about her style, preferences and the activities she is into. Remember those occasions when she wanted to buy an item so badly. It can be also something that you see and consider it important for her to have (it can be gloves or a hat, a swimsuit or perfume she prefers).

Step 2. Have you thought about an item that nobody else, no woman has on the earth? If not, you are already given the idea to act on.

Step 3. There can hardly be anybody who would prefer a factory mass production item over a handmade one. You will think your skills are not enough for a craft work; actually, you do not need to be a craftsman to make something artistic.Imagine her surprise and amazement when she sees a painting by you, with the least skills you implied to see her face brighten.

Step 4. Flowers. They are always in the right place. You have a brainstorm, as you are stuck in one place with the question “What will be the real original gift for her?” Do not go far, make it simple with a bunch of flowers she likes, give it to her by looking into her eyes with a sentence just out of your heart. Even if she will not like the flowers, your words flowing out of the heart will cover it up.

Step 5. You still don’t know what to buy. Just ask her friends, family, who know her longer than you, as they will point you the right direction to the perfect gift for her.

Step 6. If you date longer than a month, or two, perhaps it’s the time when you can ask her about the gift she desires. This will take you from the ‘lover and sweetheart level’ of a relationship into a mature and a friendly based one.

Step 7. Make her proposal. Why not? This could be the best gift ever!

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