Thursday, March 27, 2014

Important Remarks Before You Exercise

Regular exercise is a good habit to keep being healthy and fit. It’s a common question among people who exercise regularly or not, who want to find the answer to this so simple and so confusing question.

First of all, it is important to take your age into consideration. If you are in your twenties, it may still be recommended to work out every day, depending on how you divide the type of exercise you do every day. It goes beyond saying that one shouldn't exercise the same muscle every day, as it needs time to relax. Otherwise, that over-trained muscle will get damaged easily. For those under fifty and more, it is recommended to avoid exercising with high intensity every day. Accordingly, before you make your mind up to exercise every day, read the useful information on that regard below.

As mentioned above, one cannot exercise his or her muscle every day. If you are a beginner, you should take care that the whole of your body is trained three times during the week. After the soreness of the body has vanished, start training the upper part of the body. The second day you should train the lower body. Take a day off to let the muscles rest, which will help you to avoid injury.

Save growth hormones for the body. These hormones are produced if you sleep well and sleep enough (six hours at least). During the time, you sleep your body recovers and repairs traumas of the muscles from yesterday. The condition of your room contributes in your good slumber; keep your room dark and cool.

You shouldn't exercise with an empty stomach. One needs fuel (food) for exercising 
intensely as the metabolism in the body revs up forty five hours later (after you have finished exercising), and it is this time when one experiences the greatest fat burning effect. This will even make the weight loss even longer and harder.

Find out your goal of attending the gym. Sometimes we see someone is doing a certain exercise, and it is so cool! Sure, it is cool when the person knows his goal of exercising, but it doesn't mean yet that your goals coincide. For example, women do leg presses to make them smaller without realizing that they are making the legs even bigger.
Sometimes you will be recommended not to drink water during the exercise. This is extremely wrong; when you are exercising the body starts to heat during which the metabolism is increased. If you skip the option of using enough fluids, the body gets dehydrogenated and starts to conserve it. As a result, you will not sweat as much as needed and consequently, your body will lack enough heat.

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