Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5 Key Ways to Find Your Own Style

The shops and fashion shows full of the latest trends are often confusing to find our own style. What is fashionable for the season or for the year does not determine your personal style yet. One should have the sense of his or her own style to choose clothes, haircut in a perfect way. There is no need to panic, as with simple and key ways it is possible to find out for you the personal style that fit you most. The article will indicate some of those basic steps you should take to feel confident and fashionable with the style choices you make.

The secret of being stylish and gorgeous is not about following all the fashion shows and brands to keep up with the latest trends; it is about matching the fashion to your own sense of style. To have own style, one does not need to follow any season or any trend, as it comes from within. Find out for yourself who you are or who you want to be, instead of being someone else. The answer to those questions will help you to be firm on what you want, gradually increasing your self-confidence and the belief in yourself. Most of the time it is easier to say, than to act; so, there are key steps to take for achieving your goal of looking both fashionable and fabulous.

Step 1. Check your wardrobe for the clothes you wear and vice verse. Most probably you will make a huge pile of clothes that you wear a couple of times during the year. Get rid of those clothes that can hardly inspire you when you are standing in front of the wardrobe with a sense that you do not have any clothes. Instead, fill your wardrobe with good choices by, for example, buying catchy pieces of cloths having a good quality.
Step 2. Erase your memories of your favorite clothes which are hanging in your closet for the 90s. It’s a good idea to pass them for a second hand use or to donate them an organization which will take care for the people in need of clothes to get your item and feel happy.

Step 3. Do not be a fashion slave; if the red mini skirt suits someone and it is a trend in fashion, it doesn't mean yet that it’s the same with you. Try to find the right way of being fashionable and stylish by keeping your personal style in match with it.

Step 4. Stay comfortable while wearing your trendy clothes. This doesn’t mean we one should keep in a boring style; it’s always good to keep the balance. Clothes you wear every morning should inspire you.

Step 5. At last, be original by adding to your style something of your own. Keep in mind that accessories like bags and shoes are of great importance to complete your wardrobe. Make sure that the items you choose are what you really want to wear, and that person wearing those clothes, it’s who you are, and not who you pretend to be.

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