Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What Santa Has to Overcome and Many More…

It is interesting enough to reveal the fact that if Santa Claus will eat or drink in each house in the UK at the Christmas eve, he is subject to get thicker, about over 263 tones. The most amazing thing here is that, in order to burn all the gained weight, he has to run for 146,666 days which is about 782,218 marathons.
Moreover, according to alcohol education charity Drinkaware, Santa will have to have one million liters of alcohol that is almost 24 million units after all the house visits. Thus, to escape the damage on the health and keep the waistline in proper order, one should not drink to excess the limits on Christmas holidays.
The Drinkaware research has revealed that most of Brits, say about 53%, drink mostly in December as compared to the other months of the year. 27% think they are comfortable to drink as much as they want without feeling any regret for that. One in five is convinced that people surrounding them, like friends, family members or colleagues, encourage them to drink mostly and that’s why they drink.

Hence, one should notice that even if people do not acknowledge, the amount of calories in alcohol is pretty huge. Just imagine a glass of mulled wine contains as many calories as there are in the three pieces of chocolate orange and, if you wish to burn off all those calories, you have to swim for 17 minutes at least. As for gin and tonic, it contains 50 calories. Perhaps, it is worthy to take gin and tonic instead of wine. In order not to damage one’s health, professor Paul Wallace, Chief Medical Adviser of Drinkaware, advises to follow drinking guidelines in this way avoiding the later hard work to burn off unnecessary calories. 

Alcohol does not let the calories burn off easily, thus making you spend a lot of time in gyms, ensures Professor Wallace.

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