Monday, May 12, 2014

Why is it Important to eat Green Food?

The importance of green foods in our daily diet is vital. Unfortunately, people nowadays consume green foods less and less, by giving space to a high extent to processed and higher dietary intake of sweet foods. However, one shouldn’t forget that leafy vegetables; grasses and algae have always been the inseparable part of the human diet.

Green foods boost in antioxidant compounds which are difficult to find in other foods. Other important compounds contained in greens are a huge umber of essential vitamins, minerals, as well as trace minerals and amino acids.
It is through the greens that the human body gets the important plant pigment tat is called chlorophyll. Plant nutrients, called enzymes, are nowadays considered to have an important role for a healthy body.

It’s not by chance that the folklore wisdom says ‘eat your greens.’ To decrease the risk of serious medical conditions in your life, you should include in your daily healthy menu at least five servings of colorful fruits and green vegetables. Fruits and vegetables like spinach, leafy greens (dark), kiwi, cabbage, broccoli, peppers, and many more should form the base of your daily food. 

For those either willing to lose weight or just keeping their daily healthy food diet, it is vital to consume dark leaf greens as much as possible; dark leafy greens are full of water which reduces the amount of calories. Accordingly, consume this kind of greens on a daily scale and get rid of your worries to gain weight. Dress your favorite dishes like pastas, soups, casseroles with dark leafy vegetables, which will both bulk up the meal and yet make it possible for you to  have control on the amount of calorie intake.

To regulate the sugar level in your body one more time you should turn to the magic of the green foods. As far as a significant range of foods nowadays are full of high levels of glucose, the risk of obtaining diabetes is quite high. Accordingly, green foods are a good pack of water and fiber, which helps to lower the glucose levels in the body. The presence of a good portion of fiber in the body combats the unnecessary things and pollutants and dispose them before they are absorbed. The role of fiber goes even more important by the fact that  it helps in bowel movements.

In conclusion, it is worthy to mention that the importance and the benefits of green foods are not limited to the ones mentioned above. Keep up with the upcoming articles to find out more about healthy foods and healthy food benefits.

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