Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weird Facts about Dreams You Didn’t Know

Dream is a succession of images, emotions, sensations, ideas, that people experience while sleeping. There exists a scientific study of dreams, which is called oneirology. Indeed, you have heard numerous weird facts about dreams and still you can’t believe them. Specialists argue about the content of dreams till now. What is the purpose or motivation of dreams? No one knows for sure. However, there are a lot of dictionaries, books and journals about dreams and what they mean.

Psychologists state that women have more nightmares than men.

According to Sigmund Freud: “Dreams are manifestations of our unfulfilled and repressed desires”, whereas others believe that they are just side effects of our daily life. From the scientific point of view, certain weird dreams may be a result of sleeping disorders. There are a lot of pills that may cause sleeping disorder symptoms. Whatsoever, let the doctors and professors argue about the content and reasons of dreams, and we will enjoy several interesting facts about them.

•        Maybe unbelievable, but there are inventions inspired by dreams. One of them is the periodic table of Dimitri Mendeleev, another one is the splendid idea of Larry Page about creating Google, alternating current generator by Nicola Tesla, etc.

•        Probably you have heard about the adventures of sleepwalkers, or maybe you are one of them. Let me tell you a few interesting cases related to sleepwalking. 
There was a sleepwalker who walked out of the window while sleeping and survived. 

•        Another smart woman “decided” to have sex with strangers.

•        You may be surprised, but animals dream as well. If you follow them when sleeping you will notice that they make strange noises and movements, it means they are having a dream.

•        Research has shown that people may stay conscious while sleeping. In this case people appear in a passive state. The dream is very alike to reality, but the images may fade away quickly.

•        There is a type of lucid  dream. About 50 % of people have experienced this kind of dream, but few of them have it regularly. While having this sort of dreams, people are conscious that they are dreaming, but their brain is in a state of sleep.

•        Psychologists state that women have more nightmares than men.

•        This fact may leave you astonished. It turns out that blind people, who have not been born blind, see some images in their dreams, whereas born blinds see no dreams.

By summing up, we should say that there are so many interesting and meanwhile dangerous facts about dreams. Be attentive and take care of yourself whatever happens!

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