Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Choosing the Right Interior Color

The role of colors has been significant in our daily life. Most of the time our response to products is the result of our visual senses to colors. Have you felt uncomfortable in one place and another warm and appealing? Have you chosen an item of a particular color which was closer to the heart as compared with other items of the same product? 
It is accounted that the fifty percent of our reaction to any item or architectural product is determined by its color. This buzz over various colors is what we call color psychology. 
Color palettes may affect people physically and psychologically. However, one should focus upon the color palette of the home and the workplace, where we spent most of the time during the day.

It is acknowledged that depending on the color scheme; home interior can be either appealing or uneasy. Sometimes the cause of your discomfort and unhappiness at home can be the interior colors you have applied to the walls. The advantages of having the right colors of the interior are explained by the following:

The right color
•        Makes the places warmer
•        Gives you the feelings of well-being and good mood
•        Makes small places feel larger and gives the sense of freedom
•        Transform dark areas into bright ones
•        Gives romance and mystery to hidden corners
•        Energizes the aura in the room

But the best color is different from person to person. According to the design trend of ‘color psychology’ there are general perceptions of colors; green is supposed to be relaxing; red is an energizer at home, blue is calming, in case they are used with particular hues. Bright or electric green will be disturbing to the eye, hence causing discomfort instead of relaxation. The deep blue will cause you the feeling of cold, and the sharp red will transform its energetic power into the feeling of entrapment.
How to choose the right interior color  for your personal environment? The best way is to start with the questions you ask yourself followed by polling you and your family. By this, the half of the project on color choosing is done. 

Here are examples of the questions you should find answers before planning any interior color project:

•        What is its function? Who will be occupying the space? Is it private or community space?
•        Is it for social activities or for a peaceful space?
•        Is there landscape outside to match with the inner colors?
•        Is it light? How many windows are there? How do you want to feel inside?

The questions are not limited to those mentioned above. Find more of them to answer, and you will be led to your perfect interior color.

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