Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spinach Health Benefits

Spinach is included in the list of superpower foods that provide a good stock of nutrients. The benefits of spinach are not limited to its being a leafy green, rich in nutrients about which the article will go further to illustrate many other benefits.

The spinach with bright and vibrant leaves are a good provider of vitamin C as compared with the ones that have bruised leaves and the stems are yellowing. Research has revealed that the vitamin C in the spinach leaves helps to protect the oxygen-sensitive phytonutrients in it due to which the leaves of spinach look deep green and lively.

Many people have concerns about the amount of nutrients in green vegetables being stored in plastic containers in grocery stores that are continuously exposed to artificial lights.  A recent study on food has revealed that the baby spinach that was kept in darkness has fewer nutrients that the ones that were kept in plastic containers under artificial lights. It’s a good information for those who prefer to buy baby spinach from ready-to-eat containers.

One of the spinach healing benefits is that, this vegetable is among the greens, such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage which protect against aggressive prostate cancer.  The study suggests that the richness of spinach in anti-cancer carotenoids minimizes the risk of prostate cancer, although other unique substances contained in spinach are also a good means of ant-cancer risks decrease.

The richness in flavonoids makes spinach as one of the top leafy greens, providing the body with powerful antioxidant protection. Make your daily supplies of greens with mostly baby spinach, as well as your top favorite dishes with healthier leaves of baby spinach. Dishes like pastas, soups, are a good opportunity for you to top them with a beautiful deep green and the mild sweet taste of baby spinach. In case, you prefer to cook spinach, it is recommended to boil it for just 1 minute, to keep all the health benefits of it and minimize the loss of the flavor and the nutrients.

Spinach is one of the readily-available foods that provide a major health benefit; among the same family greens are beets, chard and quinoa. This mentioned greens, including spinach, belong to chenopod, family which has a unique health value.
It is recommended to include spinach in your weekly healthy diet at least 1 or 2 times. 

The amount of the spinach intake should be ½ of a serving size, though it would be more beneficial if you take a full cup.

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