Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fitness Basics

The interactive fitness equipment, workout techniques and accessories, may sound  fancy, but what delivers us big results are the fitness basics. If you are googling my blog, it means that you are well-aware of physical fitness and healthy eating, and you are ready to share with the other readers some of your skills in your fitness activities.

Sometimes we are so focused on our main goal like how to get stronger, huge or fast, which takes us back from a critical approach to what we do as fitness exercise and what are the basic components of fitness.

In general, it is well-acknowledged that physical fitness is one of the key roads to a healthy life. It’s so interesting that one being indulged in fitness exercises for so many years, sometimes faces difficulties to give a definition of fitness. Fitness is simply the power of doing physical exercises with the fitness health-related components, that include
     Aerobic Fitness
     Muscular Strength
            Muscular Endurance 
     Body Composition

The well organized fitness program should cover all of the components mentioned above. Before getting to know each of these components, I am willing highlight some of the fitness basics that are the must-read tips for getting the best results. However, these basic fitness tips may seem simple and elementary, but as a trainee you should always remind and utilize them.

1.     Enjoy Your Exercise

If running in the gym seems to be the most boring activity to do ever, then do not do it! Instead, join a running club or go for hiking, take some yoga lessons, as while you are having fun with whatever exercise you do, it will keep you consistent.

2.    Map Out Your Goals

Depending on your particular need you may have different goals to accomplish in fitness; you have got a small dress you want to fit in, you want your leg muscles to be featured or you want to run longer. These can determine your goal to which you should give a set deadline like three months or thirty day, to which you should be ready with your goals achieved.

3.    Drink Water!

Again and again it is worthy to mention that drinking enough water is the important component of a healthy diet and proper exercise. Sometimes it seems to dieters that they are still hungry, though what the body needs is enough water. Accordingly, try not to mix the feeling of hunger with being thirsty.

4.    Cherish Greens

If you are new in the world of green products you should keep in mind that vegetables are a huge source of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Greens are good for dieting as they also keep you full for a long of time.

5.    Get a Good Sleep

To help your body to lose weight easily and build up muscles in a short period of time, you will need to have a good slumber of 6 to 8 hours, if you can sleep even more that’s for your good.

To keep your daily fitness basics, you will need to look back to the small but important steps and tips from time to time, in order to accomplish your desired goals of keeping fit.

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  1. I really enjoyed this fitness article today, the author seems to have a good insight on how to look at physical fitness in general. They right on the point when they tell you not to do something if you don't enjoy it, this is the number one reason why working out is so hectic for so many in the USA. Just because everyone else is going to the gym before work everyday, or after work, doesn't mean you should be too. You can go for a jog around your neighbor hood. You can play tennis, volleyball, or even shoot a few hoops at the city park. Get a pet and take him or her on a thirty minute walk everyday. Anything helps and when you stick with it atleast 3-5 times a week you will see a huge difference in the way you feel, look, and your overall self esteem in general. I also recommend taking a whey protein supplement daily to help you get a lean source of protein. This will help you recover from day to day and help you build and maintain lean muscle mass as well.