Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to Create Your Inner Harmony

When we are lost, and the head is full of negative thoughts, all we seek is inner harmony and peace. This goal to find the inner harmony that we set is perhaps, beautiful, but a mysterious one. How to change the troubled thoughts into inner peace? What we lack most of the time, is that we try to find the harmony out of us, in case when it is within us. The interesting thing is that you do not have to work for it; you just need to uncover it. As soon as you discover that peaceful soul, you will experience the inner calmness towards the future and concerning things you have already in your life.

The process is like sweeping away the dust from the mirror, which gives  light when it’s clean. The light is clearness itself. Things that block the light should be temporary and outside of who we really are. The path to the inner peace and harmony is simple when you ask yourself “Who am I?.” You should continue asking and asking the same question until to find an answer which will bring the harmony into your inner world and reveal your SELF, who you really are.


How many times have you stopped for a moment to feel the nature? Have you noticed how the nature starts morning, with the birds singing and the butterflies flying to find their love-flower? 

Take a cup of tea and sit somewhere outdoors, nearby your door, or in the balcony and listen to how the nature starts its morning so harmoniously. As soon as you start your day all these feelings of harmony slightly turn into troublesome ones; you took a shower; it happens the bus is late; there is a traffic jam, deadlines are waiting – too much stress.

Since it is hardly possible to sit every morning on your front steps and follow the nature, making its peaceful path every day, here are some ways to clean out the stress from your daily life.

  • Make your gratitude journal and fill it every morning you wake up. When  you wake up your mind is relaxed and ready to take up the world. Or is it troublesome? Just catch your gratitude journal and read all the lines. Perhaps you will go and hug your employer for the job?
  • Organize your life by keeping to-do-lists. It’s easier to lead your daily, weekly and monthly life when small things you have to accomplish are organized and easy for the eyes to see them. Just a simple list of your plans to be accomplished is a great step to getting things real.
  • Clean your home, surroundings, your desk you start work at, as well as your body. The feeling of freshness and cleanness is a well-known mood booster. Coming back home when things are in the dirt will make you down. The next step is to get rid of all the unnecessary items in your closet, garage or hat home. This way you will help yourself to feel at home in your life.
  • Make smiling a part of your daily agenda. Set our goal to smile at least twenty times a day  to smile at strangers, coworkers, your colleagues and you will see that the results are outstanding.
  • Accept  that there are things in life that you simply cannot change. You will get more joy out of life if you focus on the thing that bring the most joy in your life. Trying to focus on thing you have no control of, will make those negative feelings the clingy and haunting hell of yours.
Every individual should be aware that everything is possible, things can be fixed, the lost harmony can be won back, if there is enough will to get it back.

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