Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Red Bell Peppers and Your Health Benefits

Did you know that Bell Peppers are among one of the Best World Foods as well as among the Most Controversial World Foods?

Bell peppers in general are one of those widely used foods throughout the world, the role of which is immense in many ways like healthy eating and tasty food consumption. Regardless of their wide usage in daily meal plans, bell peppers are listed in the “10 Most Controversial WHFoods” by the It was categorized as one of the most controversial foods as most often bell peppers was found in stores already in a bad condition; meaning, an advanced food health safety should be undertaken to avoid adverse reactions and the possible risk of toxicity while consuming bell peppers.

These beautiful and sweet ladies in red are a good escape for those who do not like vegetables. One thing should be taken into consideration that red bell peppers are not available around the year, so that during the winter time they are quite expensive. Anyway, July is on the way, and it will be possible to eat more affordable and fresh local peppers.

It’s not known to many people that red peppers derive from the green ones which are just unripe red peppers. Green peppers have half of the vitamin A and the vitamin C contained in red and orange peppers. It’s well-known that to improve the quality of sperm and the vitamin C ensures our beautiful skin (the letter helps to build collagen that ensures a healthy skin). Other peppers like paprika and chili have the same capacity, though the additional capsaicin inside them is even beneficial for better blood flow. This chemical producing a strong burning sensation is a good remedy for libido and pain relief.  You will find below some of the alluring facts that will increase our red pepper consumption:

1.    Red peppers are a good source of C vitamin that the body needs to for the absorption of a proper amount of iron. Moreover, if you have an iron deficiency, you should keep in mind that over 250% of your vitamin C on a daily scale is contained in red peppers.

2.     Red bell peppers are good stock of other important vitamins like vitamin B6 and magnesium. In order to combat the anxiety that is related to pre-menstrual symptoms, this combination of vitamins and minerals will be a great choice for you.

3.    The red substance giving the red color to red peppers as well as to tomatoes is called lycopene. It has been proved for a long time that the combination of lycopene with the vitamin A and C contained in red bell pepper, is a powerful means of reducing the risk of prostate and lung cancers.

4.    Burning calories with red bell peppers. Regardless of the fact that red peppers lack capsaicin, the consumption of red bell peppers is a good opportunity for the body to produce a mild thermogenic   action within to increase our metabolism (in this case you avoid the  increase of the heart rate and blood pressure).

5.    Red peppers help to improve your night vision. Red peppers are a good source of vitamin A which supports a healthy eyesight, especially night vision.

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