Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why You Need Lemon in Your Fridge?

Lemon is a versatile fruit; that can be combined with various foods starting from grilled meats to  delicious cakes and pies. But there is more to find out about the usefulness of lemons. It can be surprising for you to know that lemon juice helps to boil eggs.

There are many reasons why you should keep a few lemons in your refrigerator. Lemons are well preserved in the fridge so that you can keep them for a few weeks and they won’t get spoilt. However, to sweep away your doubts about the usefulness of this bitter fruit in various occasions, we have pointed out in the article several interesting ways to make use of this versatile food.

Lemon is a versatile food and lemon juice helps to boil eggs.

 Adding Zest

Lemon zest has a strong citrus flavor for which it is mostly applied as a garnish. Depending on the recipe, lemon zest can be minced or cut into long strips. You can get the zest of lemon in a proper way when peeling or cutting with a sharp knife. The white underside of the lemon will add bitterness to the food you combine with, so that try to avoid the white by cleaning it.
However, if you have problems with getting the zest with a peeler or a sharp knife, in that case, you should use a tool called zester. Orange and lime zests are also combined with food to add amazing flavor.

Boiling Eggs

If you already have your own technique of boiling eggs, this method with lemon will be an additional way to handle food. A well-known way to prevent eggs from cracking is to add some salt when the water with the eggs is about to boil. This time you should brush some lemon juice over the shells to avoid cracking. Moreover, you will manage to peel the eggs even easier if you add a teaspoon of lemon juice in the water. You shouldn’t worry about the taste of the lemon juice transmitted to the eggs, if you do not go overboard.
The amazing facts about lemon juice is that it helps to prevent the rice from sticking to the pot if a spoonful of it is added to the boiling water. A spoonful of lemon juice will keep boiling potatoes from turning brown.

Preventing Fruit Color

Besides the uses mentioned above, lemon juice is also a perfect way to prevent recently cut fruits from turning brown. Regardless of  the fact that the fruit is fresh, it is unpleasant to eat it because of its brown color. Lemon juice will preserve the produce for a short while, but will give you the possibility to enjoy your fruit salad to its best.

The usage of lemon is not limited to the ones mentioned above. Continue reading our upcoming articles to get to know more about the reasons why you need lemons in your fridge.

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