Friday, May 30, 2014

Earphones Can be Harmful for Your Health

It’s always comfortable to enjoy your music, listening to the radio or a TV program by using your earphones, but let us admit that they can be harmful for your health. If you listen to the benefits of earphones they are uncountable; you can use them to listen to music when working out, when waiting  in a long queue, or when driving thousands of miles. Anyway, as mentioned above, earphones have their downsides.

Listening to music with earphones over  85 decibels
will result in temporary loss of hearing. 
One of the harmful effects of listening to loud music is the temporary loss of hearing. People listening to music at a volume more than 80 or 90 decibels tend to experience a temporary loss of hearing. Eventually, this dangerous habit can result in permanent loss of hearing.

Decibels are the measurement of the loudness of the music you listen to. Always pay attention what is the decibels of the music you listen to. To avoid the side effects of loud music, you should listen to music at a restrained volume, for which there is no need to worry. However, if you prefer listening to music at its highest volume, you should consider the following side effects of high decibel measurements. Using earphones over 85 decibels will result in temporary loss of hearing, in case you continuously  for eight  hours. The 88 decibels will have the same effect if you listen to music for four hours. The most dangerous decibels are from 100 to 105, which will result in hearing loss within fifteen minutes.

Sometimes people have the habit of borrowing earphones of a close friend, or someone else’s which can cause a harmful bacteria transfer to your ear. If the person  uses earphones for a long time a harmful bacteria is likely to  grow in the ear that can pass through earphone to another person. You should avoid sharing earphones with someone else. Another option for you  is to sanitize them before using or before offering.

It goes beyond saying that music sounds better when using earphones, but one should not forget about its later risks that will cause in a hearing loss. At least, take a 10 minute break each hour. This will help your ears to rest and recover from continuous waves of music sounds. To be on the save side, try to you speakers instead (at a moderate level), which will not be a direct harm to your ear canals and ear drums.

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