Saturday, May 31, 2014

Best Tips to Choose Your Personal Trainer

Sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right personal trainer. The right choice of fitness trainer will lead you to your goals of better health and fitness. The opposite will result in both waste of time and money. In many gyms, they offer personal trainer services (mostly with additional fees), and if their salespeople are tough enough they will convince you to buy a package. But before you decide to choose a trainer, here are 8 tips for you to choose your personal trainer.

Before signing a contract for having a personal trainer, take time to meet him and to see whether it will be a pleasure for you to be  instructed by that person or not. His social skills may seem to be not that important, but one thing you should keep in your mind, that if you like his approach and his personality, there is the higher possibility that you will be inspired and encouraged to attend a gym by his or her company.

It is important to get a proper information about your trainer’s fitness specialization profile. Depending on the fitness levels he is specialized in and the age group of people he trains, you should give your priority to. Certainly, you wouldn’t like your trainer to train athletes when your intention is to build muscle. Another option is to contact with people he trains are used to train, to ask for an opinion.

When interviewing him, ask about his experience, like how many hours he has to train people daily. Ask about his overall experience; how many hours he worked in general as the skills in professional training comes with the experience and with dealing with different types of people.

Don’t hesitate to ask for his certificates to see if he has NPTI, ACSM, ACE, or other.
Look for a trainer who is flexible with your training hours and locations you choose. If you prefer to have your training at home, in a private space, then make it sure that he is enough willing and flexible to adapt to your schedule.

The other important point in choosing your personal trainer is to check the amount of money you are going to pay; ask the trainer about the specifics of the prices he or she offers for services. If you sign for a number of  fitness sessions with the same trainer, a discount is possible to be offered to you. To avoid later troubles, ask about payment & signing policies, as well as the additional hidden fees.

Finding the right trainer is also to find a trainer that has the right training equipment to accomplish your goals. If you need to burn muscle, it will be a bad choice by the trainer to train you with equipment that helps to burn fat.

The mentioned tactics could be quite useful for you when choosing a personal trainer. If you have something to add to the tips offered above, you are welcome to leave a comment!  

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