Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Killing the Hangover

Good news for the beer fans. Griffith University team in Queensland claims they have created the very first beer that is hangover-proof. Being a mix of lager and electrolytes it reduces the dehydrating effect of alcohol. This miracle beer is not yet available in stores, so let us cross our fingers and wait.

For now we still have to measure our portion of alcohol, so that to avoid that nasty post-party morning hangover. Most people get to the point of hangover after three standard drinks. Also, you are guaranteed to have a hell of a hangover if you mix different beverages. If you started with beer, continue and finish with beer, avoid mixing vodka and wine and be careful with the cocktails. And yes, don’t forget to drink water in between every glass of alcohol.
Cigarettes are also believed to trigger the worst of hangovers, especially if you are a social smoker. There is an amazing tendency among a lot of people to smoke only when they drink. The experts at Brown University claim that those who smoke when drinking will end up with the worst possible hangover. While if you drink without simultaneously smoking, your hangover will be more tolerable.

Professor Damaris Rohsenow explains that smoking interferes with the process of sleep and reduces the sleep quality. The hangover after a sleepless night is the worst hangover. Another reason is that smoking adds inflammatory reactions in the brain and provoke pain. Sookmyung Women’s University research team in Seoul claims that drinking Korean pear juice helps to overcome the hangover. An experiment was conducted, during which a group of people were given placebo, and another group was given Korean pear juice. Then both of the groups consumed and used a good amount of alcohol. Those who drank the Korean pear juice felt 20% better than those who used placebo. This is explained by the fact that Korean pear juice evokes alcohol-metabolizing enzymes and helps to clear out the system faster. While placebo might display such effects as decrease of concentration.

Korean pear juice might be found in Asian supermarkets. It is also easy to make it at home. These pears are also called nashi pears. All you need is to throw some six nashi pears into the juicer and here you go. Another advice from Professor Michael Oshinsky from Thomas Jefferson University, US is to use the coffee/pill combination. The best way to do this is to take some anti-inflammatory painkiller (aspirin for instance) before you go to sleep. And immediately after you wake up, start up with a good cup of caffeine.

Follow the tips and chill out!

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