Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2014 Top Trends

Here we go :
1. Feathers
In 2014 feathers will be much used.  There is a wide variety of wearing feathers, from jewelries to simple hairpin. This sleeveless garment gives a glamorous look to any cloth and will be right on 2014 trend.

2. Quirky Prints

Since 2013 quirky prints have emerged-like the prints of animals, In 2014 they are very popular. 

3. Fringing
Bohemian fashion is again popular during spring and summer season. It will be perfect if you add some hippy-chic fringing to your dress while going to any summer festival.

 4. Bermuda Shorts
It’s already predicted that mid-length Bermuda shorts will be huge as it gets warmer while wearing them.  Compared with a vest a crop top will be a part of a perfect holiday outfit. 

5. Embellished Sweaters
In 2014 shops will be filled with bedazzled sweaters making wrapping up glamorous. These sparkly and comfy sweaters are perfect for winter and spring. 

6. Graphic Prints
In 2014 bold and graphic prints are must-haves. For going to a party this amazing Egyptian inspired outfit from Urban Outfitters is perfect.

7. Slogan T-Shirts
T-shirts with slogans will be again popular in 2014. Still being casual it’s a funny way to make a statement while wearing these tops. 

8. Sheer
Sheer is big in 2013 and will continue to be popular in 2014. While being a darling and romantic trend, sheer gives the wow effect to the party outfit.

9. Menswear for Women
Seems the tailored menswear trends are returning with button-up shirts and blazers. Giving a contrast with the delicate lace this burgundy boyfriend blazer would have a great look teamed with a lace outfit.

10. Rucksacks
Like this year in 2014 rucksacks will still remain to be fashionable. Backpacks are a style statement with a wide range of printed and patterned bags out there; they are popular for their many functions.

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