Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Upcoming Spring & Summer Fashion of 2014

Spring is not far away. It's the reason I am  coming across the upcoming Spring and Summer Fashion trends, willing to share it with you. In this regard, the Cambridge News has the following coming fashion season illustrations:

1) Alexia Parmigiani’s new spring/summer collection.

 After producing her Alexia brand in 2005, Parmigiani has created a range that offers infinite styling opportunities, and each creation has its own branded bag. The collection is produced in the UK and India. The fabrics are of a fine quality where they produce fabrics of  100 percent cotton, silk georgette, silk chiffon, silk satin, modal to a lightweight cashmere mix.

This season the collection of Alexia Parmigiani is produced in luxury fabrics, in the UK. 

2) Plum Cardigan
This lovely cardigan will keep you cozy during the spring. It’s available in La Redoute.

3) Alice Menter’s ‘Washer’s’ jewelry collection
In Alice Menter’s new collection, the ordinary is transformed into something unique. Each piece is handmade created by her and her small team. It explores bold designs, geometry and symmetry. She works with everyday objects such as zips or washers. Alice appears regularly at London Fashion Weekend, and her new collections have sold out within a few hours. You can see the full collection in the Alice Menter online store. They are created in her Bristol studio.

4) Lemiena’s new i-pad Clutch Bag
Lemiena’s new i-pad Clutch bags feature a detachable shoulder and wrist strap. It will be perfect for a summer capsule wardrobe.

5) Leather jackets by Francis Leon
Francis Leon’s inspiration is found in the pages of old pages of old superhero comic books.
She sources the materials from around the world from supple Italian leathers too quirky woolen knits from Europe. According to Niji Magazine, each garment incorporates Francis Leon’s mandatory texture mash-up.

6) ‘’Reset’’ is the 1st woman’s collection from German designer Tim Lambenda. He completed the process with a shoot in London. Tim has created new patterns and starts over with his designs. The collection is a contrast of tight blousers with narrow button panels and collars. On the half of his collection, there is a skinny rubber pant combined with an egg-shaped jacked/oversized double breasted blazer.
The interior of each garment is always cozy and comfortable as they are double faced.

7) Bevza, the Ukrainian Womenswear brand, was founded by Bibi Bevza in 2006. It explores simplicity, minimalism, noble accuracy, sensuality. She focuses on clean lines, monochrome colors and strict cuts. The collection is inspired every morning-the signal of a new day. Hints of transparency add sexiness to the collection. The collection offers must-have clutches used with 3D printing technology.
The full collection will be in stores February 2014.

8) Spring Summer 2014 collection by Joanne McGillivray .
The collection is inspired by the colors, shapes and textures of the sea. Each piece has been carefully designed from the flowing wavelike maxi-dress to the clear Perspex jackets. A palette color of various captivating blue shades is mostly used in her collection.

9) Fiorucci's new collection for summer 2014.
The collection has 4 key themes and classic brand like The Angels series.
1. Cherry love-a mix between good taste and style classic lolita girl,
2. Pop safari-that includes graphic patterns and ironic multicolor flashes,
3. New vintage- includes fluttering dresses in light fabrics, lots of lines, patterns of one color, Hawaiian floral, gabardine pants and denim printed with lines and palm trees.
4. Out of Water-devoted to the sea and the great glamorous summer.
The entire collection contains handbags, shoes, sunglasses and matching accessories.

10) People Tree T-Shirts

Simeon Ferrar, the founder of Black Score, collaborates with Fair Trade and Fashion pioneers People Tree. His new released collection comprises of three different prints which give twice look.

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