Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Coffee: Advantages and Disadvantages

The Good Health magazine pleases the coffee fans, ensuring that one can enjoy the everyday cup of coffee without any fear it will damage one’s health. The facts how making the coffee dirking habit beneficial for the health and not vice versa, are revealed throughout the article.

First of all, it worth to inform that coffee contains disease-fighting antioxidants and the flavonoids and chlorogenic acid enable to save the body from harm. Magnesium, potassium, niacin and choline are also components of coffee, not even to speak about B2 or riboflavin.
Second, it has an impact on the mood and, the Harvard research results state that 20% of women having caffeinated coffee are happier as compared to those who are passive coffee drinkers.
Third, strangely enough, it has a positive impact on the type 2 diabetes. Research has revealed that daily having three or four cups of coffee can control insulin sensitivity and all these are with the help of chlorogenic acid and trigonelline that in their turn make coffee smell better.

Fourth, despite all of this, a healthy adult should not go beyond the limits and take more than 300 to 400mg caffeine a day. In this regard, Kate Gudorg, accredited practicing dietitian, spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia, states that 300 to 400mg coffee is equal to three cups of espressos or five cups of instant coffee. Further he explains, that careless use of coffee can have a negative impact on one’s health by creating headaches, sleeplessness, and making one nervous.
Fifth, it is being advised to be careful about the additions namely sugar, creams or flavored syrups. Gudrof explains that these additions do not necessarily harm the health. However, she stresses out the fat and explains that latte with sugar three times a day contains as much fat as a burger does.
Sixth, it should be noticed that coffee contains oils such as cafestol and kahweol that move LDL cholesterol up. Hence, those who have high cholesterol should take filtered coffee instead of Greek or Turkish one, because filters being made of paper or fine metals eliminate these oils.

Finally, Austrian and German researchers ensure, that darker roasts are mild; hence, they are good for stomach. They lessen the production of acid in it and include less caffeine. For those who have heartburn, McGrice advises café latte, as the milk calms the symptoms.

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