Thursday, September 11, 2014

How to Choose the Right Career For You

Most of the job and career problems stem from the fact that we are so terrible at picking up. In the beginning, we think that we are picking up the right career and the right job, which we start disliking in a while.  Most of the people don’t succeed in choosing their right job (also career) at the first try, and you should not expect  to be an exception.

However, before managing your job choice, let us find out how to pick up the right career in accordance with your personality.

The first step in the path of career is to know yourself.

The first step in the path of career is to know yourself. Either a first-year student or a senior contemplating graduate school it is important to identify your interests, values, skills and personality preferences, which will help you to make the right and informed decision for you. 
Learning about your interests will help you to determine the topics and the field you are drawn to, which will make both your studies and job enjoyable. Alongside with your interests you should also find out their current demand and future opportunities. We have picked up the following interest fields which you should take into consideration: artistic, conventional, enterprising, investigative, realistic, social.

Values are things that are in the core of our nature, as well as they stem from the society we live in. The more successfully you determine the core  values for you, the more you will be motivated in your work and studies. Values influence our decisions significantly and lead us towards our goals.

Skills are things that we are good at and have the ability to do well as compared with other things. A proper assessment of your skills will help you to choose the right career, in which you will be able to have your skills improved later on. It is important that your skills match with your career goals.

Personality and interpersonal needs are consistent over time as they stem from your innate nature. It’s important to understand your interpersonal needs which will allow you to identify the way you make decisions and your work style.

You can also attend different workshops that will somehow help you to determine the sphere you want to specialize in. 

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