Monday, September 15, 2014

10 Easy Ways to Do Things You Don’t Want to Do

Most of us experience the resistance of doing things that we don’t want to. But not many of us ask the question, Why I don’t want to do things that I should do? Or How to start doing things that I don’t want to do?

Life would be amazing if we only did things that our hearts and feelings wanted to do. Unhappily, the washing dishes and laundry, tasks with deadlines, taxes and difficult conversations are always to be there. Best of the books would never be written and all the achievements of the mankind would never be realized, instead being just imagined.
Well, how to deal with the tasks we don’t want to do? What most of us do is to run and find a distraction. That will usually work until causing you problems. Isn’t it better to find a way to get  a crap done?

Most of us experience the resistance of doing things that we don’t want to.

 So here it is how to get a crap done.

1. Find out the reason you should do the task that you don’t want to do. It an be on your todo list, or someone wants you to do it, and sure you are getting paid for it. The preceding question is, But why? How will it help me? What will I achieve when I have accomplished this crap? Go deeper and deeper to investigate the good you are creating in the world.

2. To your great surprise, the thing that is stopping you from doing the task is fear. It’s the fear what if you fail, or it wouldn’t be looking as good as you would like to. It’s also the fear of discomfort and confusion of the task. Take a moment to find out your fear, accept it instead of running from it.

3. Let go of  the fantasy and  ideal. So when the fear is gone, it becomes easier to manage your tasks. What causes fear? It’s our imagination and fantasy about an ideal life without discomforts that do exist now. That fantasy life is free of confusion, embarrassment, imperfection, which is pretty false. So let go your imaginative world and the ideal life perception and the fears will disappear.

4. Forget about results. You are obsessed with results – what will happen if I do this? What if I will not get the result I’m expecting to? Intention matters, not the result, because it’s in the future. Get focused on your intention; why are you doing it? You do it to make your kids or your beloved one’s  life better. So, it’s your intention that is true no matter what the result is.

5. Embrace the unwanted. From childhood on we start learning that life is not all about the peach topped with roses, as hard things come forward to welcome us. Sometimes you get confused and it sucks; keep your head up, embrace the suck and move on.

6. Get your constraints. I want freedom! I don’t want this! These are common restraints that break our constraints. Unlimited freedom means confusion, unlimited choices and distractions, and yet nothing gets done. Put your constraints and get finished or start one task at a time; forbid yourself from checking any other website to get distracted. Do this at least for 10 minutes. The best way to accomplish this point is to get  a friend to hold you accountable.

7.Learn and Grow… Start to understand yourself, by putting constraints in front of you,  meditating on your fears and goals, freeing yourself of ideal and being grateful. Trough this task you will learn about your mind, by training it to accept the constraints and the difficulties in life. Knowing yourself is a wonderful thing and this time you are going to spend with pleasure!

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