Friday, September 26, 2014

8 Most Common Interview Mistakes

What are the most common interview mistakes? Unfortunately, most of us make job interview errors, blunders and mistakes as a candidate for employment without any realizing it.

Here is good news for you, as I have singled out some of the most common interview mistakes. What you need to do is to get prepared beforehand not to stress and get upset because of the errors quite after the interview.

1.    Interview attire. When you are preparing for an interview, make it sure you choose the right clothes to appear in the company; you should look professional and polished. Depending on the position you are applying for your choice of an interview attire may vary. You should keep in mind that regardless of the nature of the company you should go to an interview in a business casual attire. It’s important to dress well and put together, no matter what the company.

2.    Time Management. Introducing for an interview later than the fixed time suggests poor time management skills, as well as it’s a disrespect towards the company, the position you could occupy and even the interviewer. Do your best to arrive on time, and even earlier.

3.    Fuel before beginning the interview. Drink your soda or coffee before entering the interview, as it will seem not only unprofessional, but also, you will be more focused on things at hand and not an interview. For example, you can miss a question while you are sipping coffee, or you will not be able to maintain a good eye contact with the interviewer.

4.    Phone silence mode. It’s highly important and recommended to silence your phone before going to your interview. Moreover, texting during the interview will not only disturb the process, but will also give your interviewer a pretty good message that the job is not your top priority.

5.    Company research. Be ready to be asked by the interviewer “And what do you know about this company?” This may confuse you as you had no idea that it’s a good thing to know about the company you are going to be employed by. What you can do is to dig out some information from their website, the “About US” section, print and read it before you enter the interview.

6.    Job application. Even if before getting your interview invitation you have sent a resume, you may be asked to fill a job application. Make sure that you remember all the necessary information about your prior employment, graduation dates and the employer contacts.

7.    Staying focused. You should not zone out while the interview, as missing out a question will not look right from your  part. Your distraction during the interview will make your interviewer doubt on your being focused on job during the day. However, if you still feel that your attention is slipping away, make an effort to stay engaged. Make a good eye contact with your interviewer and try to lean forward and try to listen effectively.

8.    Talk shortly. You need simply to focus on the question by giving to-the-point answers. Avoid talking on and on, as the interviewer does not need to know all your life. Your personal life is the least that may interest your interviewer, so that miss out the topics on your children, spouse, your home life, etc.

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