Monday, April 7, 2014

Things Men hate about Women

It is not a surprise that there are some points in women’s behavior that men hate; here speaks the differences between men and women. Most often these differences come to be the main triggers in good or bad relationships. The important thing is to stop for a moment and have a reality check. The right time we do the check, the sooner we get rid of the things that upset us in our relationship. Accordingly, the article goes further to illustrate some of the main things that men dislike about women.

1.       Give him space to breathe. It’s always amazing to do everything with your loved one; to go shopping, to exercise or hang out with the friends in common. However, one thing you should take into consideration, that every single of us needs his/her spare time to be on his own. You want to be always in contact, in each of the activities your man takes forgetting about his individual life and preferences. It shouldn’t be an offense from your side, when he takes some time on his own for self-development which can be a hobby he is into, or the book he wants to read so badly. It’s a perfect time for the both of you to get to know something new, to share with opinions and experience all the amazement towards each other.

2.       Avoid talking too much!  It’s understandable that your partner is the one you want to talk to most ad share with everything you think. One should be careful not to overtalk and express the emotions so excessively. Certainly, this doesn’t mean that you should feel stressed upon what to talk, how to talk; it is about feeling the moment whether it is worthy do devote us to our emotions and laugh aloud when we see that he is somehow irritated. Make your speech meaningful, or make the silence significant.

3.       Too much communication is getting on his nerves. Most of the time one witnesses arguments like “Aren’t you interested in me?  You haven’t called me for an hour!”, or “ I just sent you a message. Are you going to answer I at all?” It is not necessary to let him know about each step you take in your daily life like what you do at that moment, what you are going to buy at the shop, etc. Be understandable, especially when you know that he is up to something important and can’t answer your call or the message right away. Give space for him to miss you.

4.       Trust him. Don’t act a spy around; checking his Facebook, messages and e-mails are not good behavior towards the guy who loves you. Any of us needs his or her private space. Be a friend of him, not the jealous girl who checks and sweeps away everything from her partner’s life that does not relate to her.  If you search for something criminal, then be ready to find it. But Why to go after the bad? Instead, keep in mind that he loves you, and it’s what matters.

5.       Manifest good manners and occupy yourself with your self-development. No matter how beautiful you are to the eye, or how fashionably you wear your style, if you lack simple manners of communicating with  people, this can be a huge challenge for your relationship. Men most of the time prefer women that have their hobbies, devote some time to reading their favorite books or enhancing their knowledge in a particular sphere. The opposite will result in putting the end of the relationship by the guy; that’s why relationships with lightheaded girls is only a matter of time.

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