Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday? Let us Turn it into a Successful Day

What is success? It is well-known that success is the hard work combined with talent. One cannot deny the role of ‘luck’ as well, which is meeting things at the right time and in the right place. The luck itself is available for all of us; the secret is to follow all the actions which will put us into a position where the luck is to happen. As far as we start our week with the ‘traditional unlucky Monday,’ in the article I am bringing forward a few tricks how make our weeks and Mondays successful ones.

1.       Take time for yourself. The way you start your Monday greatly depends how you have spent your weekend. It’s time to get detached from daily working mood and devote some time to relaxing, thinking and enjoying the state of doing nothing.

2.       Get your priority of the week scheduled. The successful start of the week, Monday, is to plan your possible priorities of the entire week. Most people hate Monday, is it is the beginning of the busy day; hence not all people are successful, as success comes with a busy schedule. Once you have fixed your top priorities of the week, try to accomplish them as much as possible. This is how you get to move forward.

3.       Cease extra time! “I would like the day to be 48 hours,” or “If the day had 48 hours it would not be still enough for me.” I am sure you have heard people saying this so often! Regardless of the time you need to wake up to go to work, try to do it even earlier. This will be an extra time, which you can use for your personal activities, like working out, meditating.

4.       Do not avoid checking the emails at the start of the week. This will help you to avoid the pile of emails to be answered, which will take you much time than if you did it in the beginning. So, take time to check them, to answer the important one, hence saving the extra time at the end of the week.
5.       It’s a common ‘perception’ to be in a bad mood on Mondays. To avoid this, just try to be grateful for everything you have. You can have some success in your career whether a big or a small one, there is success for which you should be grateful for. All successful people start their Mondays by being grateful for having started the day by going to work in order to create something new.

6.       Make your Mondays Cheerier by working out in the morning. You will think that there is a bunch of things to accomplish of the start of the day and there is no space for exercise. As contrary to this notion, I would add that the work out in the Monday morning will make you more concentrated and your body full of endorphin for the rest of the day.

7.       Start the week with an organized and a clean desk. Sometimes small things have a significant impact on your lives. When there is a pile of papers spread on the desk, with dirty cups on the edge of it, most probably this will be a source of inconvenience to you at the start of the week. Instead, what you need to do is to clean up your desk before you rush out from the office.

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